Giiple: A Comprehensive Directory For iTunes Top Lists

Denmark – Browsing the top lists of several iTunes categories can be time-consuming, and, at times, confusing. The creators of Giiple aimed to create a dedicated spot on the web where visitors can have access to all Apple iTunes Top Lists, from different iTunes categories and subcategories, and from many different countries.

User-friendly, and incredibly easy to navigate, Giiple is much akin to Google – only with a focus on the world of iTunes. Website visitors can browse through Giiple’s website sections, which include iOS Apps, Mac Apps, Audio Books, Books, iTunesU, Movies, Music, Music Videos, Podcasts and TV Shows, and take a peek at the most popular productions of each category.

Lists include the widely-referenced “Top Tens”, while Giiple also offers incremental lists of the first 25, 50, 100, and 200 top consumer choices for every type of iTunes offering.

“Giiple has been designed for flawless use across many platforms, which, in addition to iPhones, iPads and Mac computers, include smartphones and desktop PCs”, said Mr. Hans Nielsen, Giiple’s media representative.

He continued, “We felt the urge to create Giiple after seeing how frustrating it can be to wade through the thousands of options presented on iTunes. Even when browsing the top lists in-app, viewers feel limited by things like their phone’s screen width or the need to continually press “show more” or switch pages. Giiple is here to put an end to that – see what’s popular, choose what suits you best, and start enjoying your iOS device the way you are supposed to!”

Giiple currently presents data for the Itunes Top Lists of more than 35 countries, making it easy for website visitors to compare and contrast each country’s user preferences and discover new apps, movies, or books which have gained track in other parts of the world.

The company has shared that it aims to cater to the needs of iOS users across the globe through including data from virtually every country served by iTunes. Any further developments concerning Giiple’s expansion will be communicated to the press through future news releases.

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Company Name: Giiple
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