Aviso Launches New AI-Driven Sales Forecasting and Visibility Platform

Menlo Park, Calif. – Earlier this month, Aviso, a leading provider of forecasting and sales visibility software, launched Aviso Sales Vision™, a new AI-driven platform to manage sales performance, sales forecasts and sales pipeline development. Building on Aviso’s proven data science, machine learning and AI, Aviso Sales Vision helpssales leaders and sales operations executives make better-informed decisions. With Aviso, organizations build more effective pipelines, accurately forecast sales performance, and prioritize deals and resources more effectively.

“Success in today’s fast-moving business environment demands access to real-time data across all aspects of sales performance,” Aviso CEO Michael Lock says. “Data-driven forecasts, pipeline, deal insights, and sales performance is available via our easy to use dashboard. We make it easier for sales leaders to see opportunities and trouble spots so they can course correct as things change.”

Accurate, real-time sales forecast, pipeline sales performance management is what Sales Vision is all about. Aviso pulls data from CRM in real time and applies advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to provide deep insights.  The Aviso AI-powered forecast includes existing and run-rate pipeline. An automated roll-up capability ensures sales leaders are working with complete, accurate data.  The Aviso dashboard provides insights for sales operations leaders, managers and reps that indicate which deals are most likely to close and which ones are in trouble. A unique “pipeline pacing” capability lets sales leaders know whether pipeline is building at a proper pace to meet quarterly sales goals.

AlongsideSales Vision, Aviso announced the Aviso Partner Network and the Aviso application programming interface, or API. These tools allow data sharing between important technologies that exist in the sales stack.

Aviso serves mid-sized and large businesses with between 25 and 2,000 sales reps each. Sales Vision was created from a universal need for real-time data to manage today’s fast-moving sales processes.

“The Aviso platform gives all stakeholders a complete view into all aspects of sales performance and a forecast they can trust the on the first day of the quarter,” Lock says. “The ability to drill down into the details of the forecast and pipeline, review deal insights, and gain a deep understanding of sales performance by rep, region, product or as a whole, weare giving stakeholders the information they need to meet their goals and accelerate sales performance.”

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