Breakthrough E-Commerce Platform Enables U.S. Companies to Cut Through Red Tape and Sell to China

Los Angeles, CA – Exhivisit, in partnership with the Alibaba Group, is hosting the Access Asia 2017 Trade Summit. The trade event is the next step beyond the successful Alibaba Trade Summit “Gateway ’17” held in June in Detroit. The Los Angeles Trade Summit offers American companies – wineries, beef and agricultural producers, as well as all American companies, a chance to sit down with key Alibaba executives, importers and buyers, to sell their Made In U.S.A. products and/or American brands to China and gain access to Alibaba’s 500 Million Online Asian Customers.

China is expected to grow three times faster than the U.S. this year, so this is a tremendous opportunity to boost profits by selling in China. Companies like Nike, Heinz, Apple and Ford are all expanding into mainland China. Now Access Asia 2017 offers entrepreneurs, small and medium sized companies the same opportunity without the normal delays associated trying to set up complete operations in a new country.

President Trump and Jack Ma of Alibaba are encouraging companies to sell to China and help balance our US Trade deficit. The potential of the Chinese market for American brands is staggering. Jack Ma plans on adding 1 million American small businesses to their platform in the next 10 years. However, selling in China has been nothing short of an impossible feat for small and medium size companies until now. The new Cross Border E-Commerce platform that will be showcased at the Access Asia 2017 Trade Summit,, October 2017, allows companies easier and faster access, by cutting through many government regulations, and rules.

RepDM an export, trade and marketing company working with Exhivisit and the Alibaba Group specializes in US Trade with Asia. The company assists American companies every step of the way through the export process, including the creation of Integrated Digital marketing, Graphic Design, Translation and web design suitable for targeting the Chinese consumer. In addition the company does B2B logistics with Social Media Influencers, Importers and other Chinese business operators. The turnkey services allow companies to start selling in China on the Alibaba platforms like Taobao and TMall, as well as traditional Chinese retail outlets. They also provide, legal, regulatory and counterfeiting protection services. US companies can just concentrate on shipping container loads of products.

The opportunities are crystal clear: China has more than twice the amount of Internet users as compared to any other country. Nearly 360 million consumers in China shopped online in the year 2014 as per the data of iResearch Consulting Group. The total spending was about $441 billion last year and about a third of these purchases were made from mobile phones. By 2017, these online sales are expected to be more than double, closer to $1 Trillion dollars in sales.

The advantages of selling to consumers in China directly through the Access Asia 2017 Cross-Border E-commerce platform are plenty: American companies don’t need to invest money and time in building local facilities, getting licensed, or dealing with tax codes and other regulations. The inventory can be hosted and the business can be run from the US, resulting in much lower overhead.

Officials at Rep DM, which is already assisting U.S. businesses in setting up their e-commerce platform in China, have mentioned that while cross-border e-commerce logistics are simpler for American companies, what goes on behind the scenes is very sophisticated, so expert help is highly necessary in order to successfully navigate the Chinese market.. Behind the scenes, RepDM’s team on the ground in China offers legal, regulatory, e-commerce, fulfillment logistics, merchant processing and even customer service so American companies can simply focus on producing and shipping container loads of their products to the Asian marketplace.

According to the organizers of the Access Asia 2017 Summit, the groundbreaking Cross Border E-Commerce platform will positively change the fortunes of American companies by expanding their sales into the booming Asian e-commerce market.

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