Award-Winning Filmmaker iBenjamen Announces Launch of New Consulting Brand

Award-Winning filmmaker iBenjamin launches new consulting brand.
iBenjamen is a brand, an executive business and media consulting service built by Award-Winning filmmaker Adeyanju Benjamen. iBenjamen is a method of customer engagement that focuses on productive and successful marketing strategies that harness the power of digital media to create brands.

By Zach Thompson

San Francisco, CA – For the last 10 years, the innovative filmmaker and marketing expert “iBenjamen” has developed his skills in sales and marketing, reputation management, and lastly filmmaking, where he has made a lasting impression with US and global film societies. As a business owner and marketing specialist, iBenjamen created a system that harnesses the power of video to create visibility, authority, and profit for his clients. iBenjamen is now taking those lessons learned over a decade of marketing and film production and condensing them into an online platform

“There is a huge difference between the craft of business management and development, and the power of influence,” says iBenjamen. “You can be the best at what you do and still not have the power of persuasion and influence. This is where iBenjamen comes in.”

iBenjamen was designed to be a place where powerful communities are developed from the next generation of entrepreneurs, artists, content creators, real estate agents, thought leaders, investors and inventors, coaches, filmmakers and innovative professionals. Participants can find media resources to take their business to the next level, as well as, find the right coaches and mentors to provide the clarity necessary to excel in business and life.

“Today you absolutely have to have both a web presence and a strong video marketing strategy to survive as a business,” says iBenjamen.  “YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world today for a reason. We want our information in short, visible bites. People just aren’t reading content as much as they are watching it. I tell everyone, you HAVE to get into the video game and do so in a way that is smart and effective.”

iBenjamen points out his own success as a filmmaker and how that helped him to better develop a video marketing strategy for his clients. iBenjamen an associate director on a feature film “Still-Standing” that won the award for the Best Movie -Diaspora (2013-GIAMA), and was also nominated for Best Director (2013 GIAMA) on the same platform, including several nominations on other award platforms. He has since then been building the iBenjamen brand as an executive business and media consultant also a digital video marketing expert.

“I’ve always been interested in building my own version of the American dream,” says iBenjamen. “I moved into the United States almost two decades ago with only about $150 in my pocket. Although I came with limited resources, I had hope and a very large heart! At the time, I had no idea where to begin or what the future would bring. Today I can say that I have been able to create my own success and also help so many others to do the same. Having worked with a few Fortune 500 companies, I always knew the importance of branding. It’s an integral part of the cultural mindset to trust brands. As they say, ‘Companies come and go, brands last forever.’”

Over the course of building his own brand, iBenjamen was able to dissect those components within the visual realm that helps to identify, capture, and build a brand and now works with others to do the same. iBenjamen Consulting has helped countless clients establish themselves as authorities in their niche and to build a lasting brand. By working with each and every client to develop an understanding of their unique value, iBenjamen helps to develop a client’s creativity so that they can think in the type of innovative and attention-grabbing way that attracts customers. 

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Company Name: IBenjamen
Contact Person: Benjamen Adeyanju
Phone: +1.415.862.4236
Country: United States