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NEW YORK, NY – 22 Jun, 2017 – Steve Dash Hallmark Events ( is a webpage dedicated to promoting events that are available, affordable and close to home. Events and music build memories that last a lifetime, so we strive to help you build a happy today so that you will have happy tomorrows.

Do you recall what you were doing when Stevie Wonder was singing… How about when the Music of the Night playing? 

Were you laughing out loud when you went to that picnic? Did you have fun at the Zoo? Fun at the Museum? Enjoy the movie? Good popcorn? It’s about the good times and it’s up to you to make the times good!

Steve Dash Hallmark Events! (

Summer Stage Central Park near East 72nd Street and 5th Avenue

Admission free opens 6 pm

ABC 2017 Summer Concert

Rumsey Playfield 72nd street & 5th avenue 6 a.m  for early birds

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