Michael Stone Announces Launch Of Fund Raising Campaign On Indiegogo For His Short Film Not Y.E.T.s

Michael Stone takes the Indiegogo funding route to raise finance for his short film Not Y.E.T.s.

Michael Stone, an experienced producer, director and a seasoned artist has announced launch of a fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo to raise fund for his short film, Not Y.E.T.s. The movie tells the story of a young woman fighting a hard battle against drug addiction while struggling to discover her own identity.

“We are looking to raise money from the community for our short film which is about a woman addicted to drugs and unaware of real identity,” says Michael Stone. “We welcome support from the community for this really interesting movie which will be shot at Delray Beach, Florida. Generous backers will be suitably rewarded with perks corresponding to their contribution.”

Not Y.E.T.s is the story of a privileged party girl, Piper, from Connecticut, with a pill dependency that has spun out of control and put her in a difficult situation. The worsening condition lands her in the dysfunctional world of rehab and recovery for the first time. At, the rehab center in South Florida, Piper finds herself to be an outsider looking in as she is unable to connect and relate with people involved in the recovery community including addicts, alcoholics, therapists and doctors.

Piper has a strong opinion that all you need is common sense and will power to get off drugs. She finds it strange that the addicts at the recovery center cannot quit their drug use using these methods and have to depend on tough rehab measures and processes.

According to Stone, the movie has a gripping script that becomes more interesting with the entry of character Alex, an alcoholic drifter at the rehab. There are complex matters such as Rehab Romance and Piper’s struggles with herself and her relationships that Michael Stone has handled differently. The film essentially focuses on the path of self-discovery of Piper which is never going to be easy as her ego, drugs and her critics create unimaginable hurdles in her path.

Michael Stone has put together an impressive team of technicians and movie experts to give shape to this story that has everything from suspense, drams, tragedy and self-discovery.

Fernando Barron is the Director of Photography and the Production Manager is Sonny Mareus. The film is scripted in the English and has a running time of 28 minutes in the video format of Ultra HD Color using Blackmagic 4.6K camera technology.

Not Y.E.T.s fundraising campaign offers several pledges and has something for those contributing $1 to $3000. The rewards even include a chance to feature their brand or song in the film.

About Not Y.E.T.s:

Not Y.E.T.s is a short film scripted and directed by Michael Stone, an experienced director, producer and artist. A fundraising campaign has been launched by the director for crowdfunding of the movie which will be filmed at Delray Beach, South Florida. The filming is scheduled to start in July 2017.

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