Author Tanner Hosek Announces Launch of Campaign To Raise Funds On Kickstarter For His Maiden Book Publication

Author Tanner Hosek launches a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter for his short work of literary fiction.

Tanner Hosek has started a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to meet the publication cost of his literary work. ‘Thirteen Dead Cats And A Rope To Tie Them With’ tells the story of a young man suffering from schizophrenia. The young author, Tanner Hosek wants to share his experienced with this disorder through this book.

“Thirteen Dead Cats And A Rope To Tie Them With is a story that has been expressed from my perspective of the medical condition,” says Tanner Hosek. “I have worked on ways of expressing my views through my writing for seven years. I call upon people to support this project by contributing to the funding campaign that has been launched on Kickstarter.”

The main character in the story suffers from memory loss and schizophrenia and is also battling a drug problem. He must soon set the confusion that’s clouding his mind right before it overpowers him for good. Reorganizing his head is a priority that he must embark on.

According to Tanner Hosek, Thirteen Dead Cats takes the reader through a largely mis-organized set of characters coming together in rather queer circumstances. Readers are kept guessing right through the pages whether the strange social group has anything that’s good for them in this whole setup.

The pledged goal for this project is $1250 and the campaign will end on 18 July, 2017. The funds raised will be used for printing and publication of the books. Hosek has plans to bring the books to Portland where he will sell a few copied on his own.

Those who will back the author during the funding campaign will get the opportunity to re-order the signed book or can have a copy of the incomplete manuscript. They can get a preview of what the book is all about and what the writer has attempted to do before the final copies are out in the market. The biggest contributors will get a signed copy of the book and a personalized letter from the author detailing his fight against schizophrenia and how he fought it.

This is the first attempt at writing a book by the author but he has plans on producing many more books in the same genre once this one goes through.

About Thirteen Dead Cats and a Rope To Tie Them With:

Thirteen Dead Cats and a Rope To Tie Them With is a short literary fiction by Tanner Hosek. The story covers the journey through strange places of a man suffering from memory loss and schizophrenia and with some drug abuse issues too. The main character has an identity problem and is struggling to figure out who he is and what he is doing and where he intends to go. To make the story even stranger, there are many weird and elusive characters he runs into. It took seven long years for Tanner to finish this story but he is keen to pen some more in the same genre shortly.

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