Marcus D. Spencer screens in Georgia once more with but this time with The American Dream

Marietta, GA – June 22, 2017 – Back in 2014, MARCUS D. Spencer’s groundbreaking drama Straight Outta Oakland (previously Set Me Free) made history as it took home the ‘Audience Award’ at the Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (UMFF) which took place in Norcross, GA. Three years later, the award-winning filmmaker returned to Georgia to break new ground this time in Marietta, GA where his current film, The American Dream showed Wednesday, June 21, 2017.

The story of The American Dream explores the themes of love, family, and adventure, and stars Gian Shaw, comedian Hannibal Thompson and Marcus D. Spencer himself. Keith (Shaw) and DJ (Thompson) are high school football stars with dreams of making it to the NFL. The summer before the youngster start college they run into Marvin (Spencer) who gives them a job delivering packages. Things are great until the boys decide they want out. Jake Malone (Ahku) decides to pull rank as he’s Marvin’s boss. Malone is holding important information over the youngsters heads that the boys can’t afford to let out.

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“Having so many people come out to view The American Dream was awesome especially considering the storm,” Spencer said. “People were laughing, crying and all around engaged. I appreciate the love and support that this film is receiving, I make movies for the masses,” Marcus said enthusiastically.

“What inspired me to create narratives such as The American Dream is being able to speak to the younger me. Being from Oakland, CA there were many roads I could have taken and I know the roads based on others that I know. I make films as teaching tools and not just for the urban community but for everyone. Hopefully my films give not only hope but also showing the youth that there are always more than one choice. Some choices are harder to make but there are always choices,” Spencer says. “Times have changed from when I was a child, the neighborhood helped raise children. Now day’s people can’t name three people that live on their same street block. Hopefully my voice through film can be that voice that others listen to. I’m not here to tell people what to do, I just want people to think for themselves,” Spencer said.

The American Dream was written by Marcus D. Spencer and directed by Robert Wakamatsu. The film will be screening at numerous theaters throughout the country between now and the July 31, 2017.

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