Instead Of Recycling Glass Bottles, You Can Now Upcycle Them Into Useful Objects

Cincinnati, OH, USA – June 22, 2017 – Today, Upcycle EZ-Cut, an arts and crafts brand specializing in bottle cutters, announced that they have released a kit designed to easily cut glass bottle necks off so they can be transformed into something useful. Upcycling bottles this way can reduce waste to help the environment.

Of the brand’s recent release, Upcycle EZ-Cut founder, Eric Robert said, “We believe these cutters will revolutionize the way people look at empty wine and beer bottles. Our cutters are designed to increase the success rate of perfect cuts and make a more positive bottle cutting experience.”

As society is becoming more environmental conscious, many folks are looking at ways to recycle or upcycle commonly thrown away items. One such way is by taking used wine or beer glass bottles and upcycling them into something more useful by cutting off the tops. Upcycle EZ-Cut has designed a professional cutter kit to do just that. The Upcycle EZ-Cut professional bottle cutter allows people to easily cut off the bottle neck so they can be used for items such as candles, decorative vases, bottle art, candle stick holders, cups, flower pots, pencil holders, jars, and much more.

The following steps are taken to cut a bottle with this kit:

1. Turn the bottle in the device once until a score line is created.

2. Heat up the score line.

3. Run cold water over the score line and pull until it separates.

4. Sand the cut edges smooth.

You can find more information about the Upcycle EZ-Cut Bottle Cutter kit on Amazon with the basic model here or their deluxe model, which includes a convenient heat tool here 

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