Wandera – Wireless Expense Management and Simplified Solutions

San Francisco, California – Wandera offers wireless expense management for mobile phones, and it aims to fix data management issues given the volume and price of data being consumed by an enterprise. The San Francisco company seeks to do this by providing an intelligent manager that actively monitors company provided mobile phones that exceed data caps through smart compression and management strategies.

According to the Wandera site, “Empowering your staff with a mobile device can be extremely valuable – both to them and to the company. But equipping them with devices is only half the story. Mobile data consumption is rising fast, meaning so are your costs. Wandera gives you the ability to not only understand what’s driving your next data bill but to control it too.” This, in a way, sums up the wireless expense management that Wandera offers to its clients. They offer a click reference to their site that explains the other benefits of their expense management solutions.

Wireless expense management is an innovative way to cut down on data costs for mobile devices, especially the ones that are distributed amongst team members in a company. It allows managers to intelligently and selectively allocate data usage, through data compression, smart capping, and setting parameters for roaming usage. Data management is taken up a notch with standards in customizability (defining personal usage) and universal control.

The company also specializes in other fields, mainly as providers of enterprise mobile security. Their solutions include mobile threat defense and content filtering solutions that cater to companies, aiming to keep their data protected and counter data leaks before they occur. It allows many businesses that are reliant on their company provided mobile phones to be able to fix breaches in their threat model before they even occur. Some features include app scans, monitoring device anomalies, network security, and assessments on unique vulnerabilities.

Mobile defense and management strategies are becoming an important part of assessing potential vulnerabilities that companies of the future may face due to the growing popularity of the smartphone. Wandera is a company that allows clients to customize security and data management options depending on what their unique requirements are. Wandera can be reached through their company website at https://www.wandera.com/ or via email at liarna.laporta@wandera.com and through their number at 415-275-0636. The company is located at 1180 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA (94104).

Media Contact
Company Name: Wandera
Contact Person: Liarna La Porta
Email: liarna.laporta@wandera.com
Phone: 415-275-0636
Address:180 Sansome Street
City: San Francisco
State: CA
Country: United States
Website: www.wandera.com/