OdorKlenz Mobile Air System Takes Cat Dander Removal To A Whole New Level

Fort Myers, FL – Year after year, cat ownership has continued to rise by almost 30% in the US alone. But with this rise has also come the rise of the number of cases of cat allergies in the country. Even those who do not have cat allergies more than likely know someone who does. These allergies are a problem affecting more than a few US residents. While some sufferers are able to avoid their allergies by simply not having cats in their home, others are faced with allergies so severe that they are unable to enter a home with cats, or be around a cat owner, without being affected. To many, the cause of these symptoms either remains largely a mystery, or is slightly misconstrued. Cat dander, not cat hair, is the cause of these allergies. Small particles of a cat’s skin, smaller than 1/10th of a dust mite, have been behind itchy, swelling eyes, hives, and more uncomfortable symptoms of feline allergy sufferers.

Cat dander can hide almost anywhere because it is microscopic. Just like humans, cats have dry skin that flakes off in tiny particles and enters the air around them. From there, this dander can end up on clothes, hair, and skin, as well as the surfaces of a home. Most people don’t notice the difference between a home with cat dander and one without. In fact, not only is the dander so microscopic, it eventually wears off without the person in question ever being aware. Cat dander only causes problems for those with a sensitivity to the substance Fel D1, which is a protein found in cat dander.

Some people claim to have worse allergic reactions to some cats than others, which is not just in their heads. Fel D1, the protein in cat dander, is present in various amounts which are dependant on several factors. For instance, male cats have more of this protein in their bodies than females. In both genders, sterilization often lessens the potency. Certain breeds of cats also have more of the Fel D1 protein than others. All of these things, in addition to other contributing factors, can affect the strength of allergic reaction in someone with an allergy to cat dander.

One of the biggest threats to cat allergy sufferers is airborne cat dander. Of course, the best step to alleviate any allergy symptoms is to remove the offending dander from the air. Many standard filters and HVAC systems are now designed to trap allergy-causing substances such as pollen and pet dander, but are unable to effectively remove the risk. In fact, these particles are more often than not simply recycled back into the air. At OdorKlenz, the staff have been working for the past 3 years in order to design and manufacture an air filtering system that not only removes cat dander, by works to neutralize odors associated with the dander.

OdorKlenz Director of Technology, Kyle Knappenberger, states ” traditional air purifiers focus on the removal of particulates such as dust and pet dander but offer very little support in the removal of pet odors, it isn’t economical for a pet owner to have to own two systems to help control both the odors and pet dander in their homes.” Traditional carbon air purifiers struggle to contain and mitigate pet odors and have been deemed ineffective for complex chemistries such as cat urine.The lack of versatility in pet air purification systems has long existed in the industry, and the demand has always been prevalent for an all in one solution for both pet odor and pet dander removal. In addition to providing a state of the art air purification and dander removal system for pet owners and allergy sufferers, OdorKlenz also provides visitors to their website with informational guides featuring common allergy causes and how to best remove them from a home, workplace, or dorm room, including their guide, Cat Dander Removal Tips- How to Make Pet Dander A Thing of the Past. This informational guide features common allergy symptoms caused by pet dander, tips for removing fur from a home, and even real client reviews of the latest OdorKlenz Mobile system.

The OdorKlenz patented technology is deemed first in its class because if its unique and proprietary technology of using earth minerals to attack and neutralize the odors at the source. In addition to the advanced odor neutralization capabilities, the OdorKlenz Mobile system is equipped with a 4-speed blower and a medical grade HEPA filter which can trap particles of up to .3 microns. Because of this advanced technology, OdorKlenz has been able to reunite allergy suffers with their furry friends, with what has been deemed the most advanced pet air purifier available on the market.

OdorKlenz is located at 13421 Parker Commons Blvd, Suite 102 in Fort Myers, Florida. The company can be reached by phone at (239) 330-6176, or from their website, https://www.odorklenz.com/

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