Nashville Artist Lucille Femine Offers Virtual Simulation of Artwork in Your Home

Nashville-based fine artist, Lucille Femine, has just announced that she is offering a chance to see how her artwork would look in your home before you purchase it.

“You have a blank wall, and it’s boring. Well, snap a photo of the wall, and any furniture that’s there, and send it to me, along with whichever of my paintings that you think would be most inspirational for that space. I’ll put it all together so you can see how it would really look and get an idea of the best size painting to really help the space pop,” says Lucille Femine, a Nashville-based watercolor artist.

Femine, who is passionate about the arts and what they can do for people, wants to make the art-buying experience that much easier on her consumers.  “Many people love art, but don’t know exactly what it will do for the space. That’s why I want to make it that much easier for them,” says Femine.

Lucille Femine has been an artist since she was a young child, living in a mundane world looking for an outlet to break out of the monotony. She uses her artwork to uplift, inspire and transport people to a more exciting and beautiful way of life. “It’s my dream that through the arts, anyone can lead a more fulfilling life, and I’d like to play a part in helping people to do that,” she says.    

“If anyone would like to send in a photo of a room of their house and the name of their favorite of my paintings, they can always get in touch with me on social media, at,” she says.

Her paintings can be found for sale on her website at

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City: Nashville
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