FLiFLi AirDrop Release Designed For Drone Fishing Needs

Available as an Attachment For the DJI Phantom 3 Standard and 4 Series

New Jersey – June 23, 2017 – Drone technology has advanced thanks to the release of the new FLiFLi AirDrop Release and Drop Device for DJI Phantom 3 Standard and 4 Series. This is a portable drop equipment device that can be added to one of these Phantom 3 or 4 models. These are among the more commonplace models that are available for use when managing different drones.

This drone drop accessory is designed with drone fishing in mind. It may be used for various unlimited activities as well.

It is utilized for drone fishing as a material that will drop bait and other items into the water. It drops such items quickly and makes it easier for people to find all sorts of fish. It can bring out lines and other items and will work quickly to get fish from many of the deepest and most remote spots in an area.

This is an easy to install device that uses a wireless connection setup. It offers a control range of more than half a mile to help improve on how the user can handle the connection.

The design itself is slim and compact. It fits right on the side of the Phantom drone. It does not stick out far too much and yet offers a secure body that links itself well into the drone. Also, the lightweight body of the attachment allows the drone to stay functional without adding more weight or other difficult features onto its body.

The separate remote that comes with the attachment is slim and has a simple interface. It quickly allows the user to activate the drop and to open or close the setup.

The bracket used to keep it attached also slim and designed to be easy to handle. It only takes a moment for the user to get it active and to make it work for any intention one holds.

Users who are interested in this FLiFLi AirDrop Release and Drop Device can contact myflifli.com for more information. The product is available for sale on Amazon and has been receiving great acclaim from customers who have been satisfied with the product.

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