The Archimedes Foundation award unique bath toys with the \”Promotes Bath time Discoveries\” award

Every year for International Bath Day, The Archimedes Foundation awards unique bath toys with the “Promotes Bath time Discoveries” award, identifying toys that encourage babies and toddlers to explore and discover basic scientific principles in the tub, as Archimedes did on this historic day when he discovered the Principle of Buoyancy and ran through the city in his birthday suit yelling “Eureka, eureka!”

In 2017, the fun and educational toys that made The Archimedes Foundation exclaim ‘eureka’ and won the “Promotes Bath Time Discoveries Award” were: 

  • The Moluk Plui: The Rain Cloud, a toy that demonstrates the water cycle and turns kids into rainmakers. This smart toy works like a pipette that makes simple physics tangible and fun and opens up for simple cleaning.
  • Kid-O Toys Water Tower Set is designed for children to watch as the water spins through the wheel into the sieve, creating raindrops in the waiting funnel where it drops into the waiting cup. A first lesson in water exploration!
  • Alex Toys Rub A Dub Water Flutes, turning water time into symphony time! These five flutes can be filled with varying amounts of water to create different songs, and can even learn songs with instructions for simple songs. Teaching music theory and aural skills to children of all ages.

The Archimedes Foundation found that these three bath toys introduce and encourage exploration, promoting educational bath time discoveries among the youngest scientists, inventors, artists and businesspeople of the future! 

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