New Release Encourages Children to Use Their Imaginations

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends less screen time for children, no surprise to many parents. Melissa Bernstein of the Take Back Childhood movement says children “desperately need more free time to ignite their imaginations, develop a sense of wonder, and discover their passions and purpose” (Time, Oct. 25, 2016, “How We’re Endangering our Kids’ Imaginations”).

Reading, where children add their imaginations to what they see and hear is one way to enrich children’s minds and provide that sense of wonder. Children’s book author Geraldine Huck Blackmore says, “We should always remember to take time to imagine, and learn about our surroundings.” In her new release, Garden Tales: Simon the Slug & Friends (Redemption Press), Blackmore introduces Simon, a curious garden slug with a penchant for reading, who takes his friends on a journey that leads to danger, adventure—and even love.

Children are encouraged to seek unknowns, and venture out in journeys of discovery by Simon the slug who wants to do more than read about adventures—he wants to live them. Joined by Biff the beetle, Freda the frog, Beti the snake, and Chester the cricket, the merry group travels outside the garden and into the unknown.

Blackmore was inspired to write the story after she found a slug on her sidewalk in a very dry area where slugs are not usually found. “I hope this story inspires children to imagine and take time to learn about the world around them.”

The illustrations by Tan Huaixiang should spark the imaginations of young readers and listeners. Huaixiang is a professor in costume and makeup design and technology at Theatre University of Central Florida and the author of Character Costume Figure Drawing.

Geraldine Blackmore, now retired, worked in banking, healthcare, and the legal profession, and now enjoys freedom to garden, rock hunt and hike. She is at work on two more children’s books and a novel.

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