Author shares mind-blowing details about the Age of Aquarius in fascinating new book

23 June, 2017 – The Age of Aquarius. Is it real or just some colorful fantasy that was born out of the 1960s Fifth Dimension song with the same title?

According to author Luanne Hunt, a new age where peace, harmony and understanding among all people will indeed become a reality.  She tackles this subject in her fascinating and eye-opening new book, “This is the Dawning: Exploring the Divine plan for the emerging Age of Aquarius.”

Along with offering a crash course in astrology, Hunt’s book sheds light on how God’s awe-inspiring plan for humanity is written in the stars and also corresponds with the Zodiac wheel.

“I am beyond excited to bring this information to the general public,” said Hunt, an inspirational speaker and author of the book, “Moving God, Moving Mountains.”  “Most people have no idea that the story of man is written in the stars – especially where the ages of time are concerned.

“When they find out, it gives them a brand new understanding of why we’re here and how we all play a significant part in the grand design of life.”

Hunt said everything from the earth’s strange weather patterns and natural disasters to terrorism and social unrest have left many thinking that the end of the world may be near.  She believes, however, these are all indicators that the Age of Aquarius has finally arrived.

On that front, “This is the Dawning” provides insights (many of which are backed up by bible passages) into what the world has to look forward to, as well as what it will be up against, in this new age.,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/464784529/original/befunky_luannebookphoto.jpg

“I was very interested in astrology in my teens but eventually steered away from it because everyone in my Christian circles believed it was of the devil,” said Hunt, who lives in Southern California.

“Now that I’ve reconnected with my study of the stars, I see how this is knowledge that every human being should have. Astrology is most definitely of God and something he uses to speak to us in every moment of our existence.”,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/464783851/original/thisisthedawningfrontcover.jpg

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