Connectwerks Appoints A New CEO

MANHATTAN, NY – 24 Jun, 2017 – The privately held company Connectwerks.Com today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed James E. Blanton from Paris France as its new Chief Executive Officer/ Principal effective as of June 19, 2017. This is the perfect time for James Blanton to become Connectwerks.Com Chief Executive Officer. Connectwerks.Com has been successfully managed by four of its core founders since 2009. Connectwerks.Com was privately acquired in May of 2017 and has plans to corner the virtual mentoring cloud software market from Europe and throughout the United States.

We have selected a very strong Chief Executive Officer. Today’s pace of change is exponential. Every company, city and country is becoming digital, virtual, navigating disruptive markets, and Connectwerks.Com’s role in cloud virtual mentoring has never been more important, especially to at-risk and disconnected youth. Our new CEO will thrive in our highly dynamic environment.  James is unique in his ability to translate the Connectwerks.Com vision, mission, and strategy into world-class execution, bringing together teams and partner ecosystems to drive results. James will move the company forward with the speed required to capitalize on the key strategic opportunities in front of us. James is an innovator and team collaborator and he has the keen ability to inspire, energize, and connect with our vast employees, partners, customers and global leaders across the world. James vision, strategy and execution track record is exactly what Connectwerks needs as we enter our next chapter, which I am confident will be even more impactful. James will help lead and execute many of the company’s investments and strategy shifts, including building the mentoring industry’s most powerful partner program, that could be worth more than $7M in revenue. James will be a key architect of Connectwerks.Com strategy for the commercial, NPO (Non-Profit Organizations) and government business segments. Today Connectwerks has both a for-profit (software licensing) and a non-for-profit (civic services) companies.  

Connectwerks.Com is the world’s first virtual mentoring cloud site app and is gaining significant attention from enterprise companies such as Amazon technologies. Connectwerks is the World’s Largest Private Cloud Site Application to Inspire and Be Inspired when you need to successfully transition in any genre or whatever life situation comes your way. Empower yourself to be the best you that you can be, connect, share, learn, collaborate, network, search, educate and develop. Connectwerks.Com provides the software that run your enrichment programs. For results and impact visit www.Connectwerks.Com our innovative cloud site application solution called Connectwerks because we’re helping millions of individuals worldwide with soft-skills needed to drive life-transitioning. We bring people of all varying backgrounds together to share and discuss compelling events, emerging technologies, and soft-skill qualities that can be very beneficial to anyone.

We encourage individuals to connect with a purpose and passion to engage in self-learning that is relevant to their lives and allows them to master new skills daily. Connectwerks.Com is becoming a powerful force and James E. Blanton is the prefect leader for the mission.

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