Pasta Frola is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors

Product presentation: Display of 6 units individually wrapped. Convenient for on-the-go snack.
12 Displays of 6 units individually packed (1.10 oz) Home made Italian recipe with quince jam. 100% natural and zero trans fat. 160 calories per unit. One-of-a-kind product.

Deep Ocean Sales & Distribution is the result of a group of professional friends who had a dream in common; to form a company that stands out and enhances values, encourages a healthy lifestyle and does so in harmony. In October 2015, Deep Ocean opened its business in Davie, Florida and started doing business with NEVARES manufacturer from Argentina to start commercializing its products in the U.S.

Pastafrola, is one of our main products; a one of a kind product. A wonderful dessert made with a cookie-like shortbread crust and dulce demembrillo (quince paste) filling. The filling has evolved to match South American tastes: usually quince paste or dulcede leche. The name of the dish comes the Italianword for shortcrustpastry, and is similar to the Crostata native to that country.

The spread of the dish within Argentina is connected to extensive Italian immigration to the region. We wanted to import a product to rescue the magic of home-made flavors, which we all keep in our memory. That is why pastafrola is conquering the hearts of the American market. It is currently selling at Sedano’s Supermarket, Bravo Supermarket, Presidente Supermarket, Sabor Tropical, Farmacias Navarro, Rey Chavez, and some C-Stores and soon at Fresco y Mas.

Its packaging makes the product easy to sell and convenient for the buyer. With 6 individually wrapped pies that keep their freshness and make it ideal for on-the-go snack and for kid’s lunch boxes. We guarantee our products in excellent condition from production all the way to your table.

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Company Name: Deep Ocean Sales & Distribution
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