Easy Newswire Guarantees Syndication on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC with Targeted Media Distribution

Easy Newswire announces guarantee of syndication and distribution for Premium and Premium PRO Plan members!

PASADENA, CA – 24 Jun, 2017 – In today’s competitive world of press releases, writers and journalists, business owners and public relations firms, are all looking for the quickest, most efficient way to get their press releases distributed. This is normally no easy task! It can take years, even decades to build the reputation and contacts needed to get press releases out to a targeted audience. Until now, having the access to the contacts needed to be able to mass distribute a press release, was not easy to obtain, and some may say, even impossible.

Now there’s a company that has changed that: easynewswire.com! Even with the internet and social media, having the right distribution contacts is a key factor when seeking publicity, news coverage, promotion and advertising for any private party, small or big business. Getting the information to a targeted audience is now easier than ever before imagined. What used to take years, even decades to acquire, can now be done in just a few clicks. Easy Newswire offers access to massive local, nationwide and international distribution and can help target the media outlets that best suites the needs of anyone seeking a particular geographical area or audience.

Easy Newswire offers 3 packages to best meet the distribution needs for any press release. They offer a Standard Distribution package for up to 600 words, the Premium Distribution and Premium PRO Distribution options with up to 1000 words. And the prices are less than 1/3 of what it costs to distribute with most other distribution specialists.

Easy Newswire is a global company that makes it possible for Public Relations Agencies, Corporate Communications Departments, Business Owners, Writers and anyone else seeking to target the media with the perfect press release distribution at their fingertips. Easy Newswire offers diverse distribution for any type of press release, and provides the power to advertise locally and globally. As an innovator in the media industry, Easy Newswire is proud and confident in the potential for progress and growth that a successful distribution can unlock.

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Company Name: Easy Newswire
Contact Person: Brian Reed
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Country: United States
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