San Diego County Residents Can Own Their Soccer Team: Sprinter Football Club Offers Ownership To Their Fans

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – 24 Jun, 2017 – A San Diego based professional soccer team named Sprinter Football Club is allowing residents of San Diego, and parts of Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange Counties to own part of their team (200 shares of Class B Common Stock) in exchange of the person ‘liking’ their Facebook page and ‘sharing’ the team’s post with their social network friends. The social network Facebook is not affiliated with the offer. The team’s company registered the initial public offering (IPO) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and did all the necessary paperwork with the State of California. 

Peter Schuh, the CEO of Sprinter Football Club explained the offering; “With each additional fan that signs up and becomes an owner, it would be fair to assume that the metrics of our team’s advertising reach will increase and thus that revenue stream should also increase. By allowing the community members to own the team, we are a ‘team of the people’, and therefore, the community prospers as the team prospers. We made the ownership signup process easy at It couldn’t be easier or less expensive to own part of a pro sports team. It only costs our fans a few seconds of their time to become an owner of the team. With how horribly some professional sports franchise owners have treated the local San Diego fans by moving their teams and trying to force special elections regarding Qualcomm Stadium solely for the owner’s benefit, we thought it would be a much better concept for the local fans to own a portion of the team. We allocated 10% of the company’s total shares for the community’s residents with this offering. We started the process of registering everything with the government nearly two years ago. It has been a long process but we feel we have done it the correct way and that it should be a benefit for the community once everything is completely up and running and we begin playing matches.” 

The team is not associated with the failed San Diego SoccerCity initiative. 

The team is based on speed, and of course, high-level skills, thus their name, Sprinter Football Club. ‘The Fastest Football Team On Earth’ is their motto. The team boasts two players who have run under 10 seconds for 100 meters, Justin Walker and Gabriel Mvumvure. Only 120 people have ever done that to this date, and two of those people are on Sprinter Football Club. They also have the 2017 German National Indoor 60 Meters Champion named Michael Bryan. Every player on Sprinter Football Club runs 38 km/h or faster. It is doubtful that any player in the five biggest leagues in Europe; La Liga (Spain), Bundesliga (Germany), Premier League (England), Serie A (Italy) or Ligue 1 (France), runs faster than any player on Sprinter Football Club. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Sprinter Football Club, Inc.
Contact Person: Peter Schuh
Phone: 7605799885
Country: United States