Lice Care Solutions Providing Free Lice Removal Services in Jacksonville and Tampa

Available for non-profit organizations and families in need

Jacksonville – June 24, 2017 – As “super lice” outbreaks continue to spread across the United States, Houston-based mobile lice-removal company Lice Care Solutions LLC is expanding its operations to Florida. Super lice, the name given to a strain of lice resistant to chemical lice-removal treatments, first hit Texas in 2015; the parasites are now documented in 25 states including California and Florida.

“Resistant lice are not affected by most chemical treatments, but since we manually remove lice and nits, the lice cannot develop a resistance to our process,” said Leonard Jacob Childs, founder and owner of Lice Care Solutions. Rather than using harsh chemicals to remove the parasites, Lice Care Solutions relies on its all-natural, nontoxic solution and a highly specialized combing method to eradicate all lice, super lice and nits.

Lice Care Solutions LLC was founded in 2015 with the mission to bring effective, same-day lice removal appointments to the homes and offices of families suffering from head lice. The company prides itself on its all-natural, non-toxic treatment; affordable hourly rate; and 36-day guarantee—the longest in its industry. In addition to eradicating head lice, Lice Care Solutions technicians teach their clients how to treat and prevent head lice so clients never have to suffer from a head lice infestation again.

Lice Care Solutions’ expansion into the Tampa  market is expected to take place mid-June When expanding into the Tampa  region Lice Care Solutions gives back to the community by donating their  all natural lice removal treatment free of charge to non-profit organizations, women’s shelters, orphanages and families in need.

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