Amazing Riding Experience of Airwheel H3 Automatic Smart Electric Wheelchair

Airwheel H3 folding smart wheelchair enjoys top three advantages-easy control system, smart phone App and automatic folding system, which jointly ensures safe and comfortable riding. Therefore, riding Airwheel H3 is an amazing enjoyment. More importantly, it has a lot of applications and can be widely applied to people’s daily life.

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Travelling has become a necessary part of modern city life for people living in it. Most people prefer to go travelling outside of modern city to relax themselves in the nature or the wild. No matter because of accidents or diseases, there is a group of people who have difficulty in walking. How will they travel? Airwheel rolled out H3smart wheelchair in 2017 to help them have a better travelling experience. Judy, has a car accident two years ago and has lost the ability to walk. For her, it is a nightmare, as she cannot walk without other’s help. We are not sure how many persons have the similar experience with Judy, but Airwheel takes every riders’ demands into consideration and released H3 electric folding wheelchair several days ago. These features of H3 will make their travel move convenient and easier.

H3 folding automatic electric wheelchair

There are four wheels in H3 folding automatic electric wheelchair, 8 inch front wheels and 12.5 rear wheels that ensure a super stability. Its branded wheels with special tread has excellent grip performance, nonslip allowing H3 to conquer various road conditions. Even though, it will not occupy much space thanks to the automatic folding system, that H3 can be folded as long as rider push one button. Also, H3 has its exclusive mobile App. Mobile phone APP fault self-test displaying riding speed, path and gear etc. makes ride mode intelligent.

Airwheel H3 outdoor/indoor wheelchair

Airwheel H3 outdoor/indoor wheelchair is powered by a large capacity lithium-ion battery, which offers a longer range than others. That is to say, Airwheel H3 makes long-distance travel be possible. In the meantime, it also can be a good transport. Compared with private car, it is much free and can easily avoid traffic jam.

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Compared with bicycle, riding Airwheel H3 is more comfortable and relaxing. Therefore, it can be used as a commuting transport and also can be an excellent tool for people’s travels in holiday.

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