Kuester Management Group Highlights Tasks to Prepare the HOA for Summer

Kuester Management Group provides insight on how HOAs can gear up for summer weather and ensure smoother operations.

Summer has officially arrived, kids are done with school, and families are enjoying the warmer weather. That often means more activity in and around the HOA community. Proper upkeep of amenities and common areas can provide a safer environment. Kuester Management Group has released a statement to the press detailing ways the HOA can stay on top of summer needs and create a more enjoyable community for its members.

“Each season comes with its unique challenges, and summer is no exception,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “Planning ahead can help HOAs ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and the services they have in place are effectively meeting the community’s needs.”

With temperatures rising, members are eager to cool off in the pool. Kuester recommends having a plan in place for regular cleaning and inspection of the pool and surrounding areas. Water should be tested for the correct balance of chemicals, and any dirt or debris should be skimmed off. “Don’t forget to send out a friendly reminder to residents of the pool rules as well as tips to help them keep their families safe,” says Kuester. “If a passcode or special tag is needed to gain entry to the pool area, let them know how to go about getting these materials.”

Another area to pay attention to is playgrounds and recreational areas such as basketball or tennis courts. Check equipment for any cracks, loose nuts and bolts, missing pieces, or other damage. Make these repairs as quickly as possible to improve safety. A thorough power washing can also help to remove excess dirt that has gathered since spring.

“Schedule a service check for the HVAC systems at community facilities such as the office or clubhouse too,” says Kuester. “The last thing you want is for the air conditioning to stop working in the middle of a heat wave, or for it not to be working as efficiently as it could.” Malfunctioning equipment can drive up electricity costs and lead to costly replacements. Regular maintenance can help prolong the life of these systems.

It can be a good idea to talk to lawncare providers as well and see what plans they have in place for the summer months. This could include adjusting irrigation systems to accommodate for higher temperatures and more sun, treating grass for pests, mowing more or less frequently, and tending to flowers or shrubs. They may also be able to provide recommendations for homeowners when it comes it lawn care and how to better care for their property over the summer to keep the community looking its best.

“Don’t forget to plan some fun activities for the neighborhood this summer too,” says Kuester. “Encourage neighbors to socialize and get to know each other better through barbecues, pool parties, 4th of July celebrations, block parties, or other events.” Take advantage of the nice weather and the opportunity to bring everyone together.

Kuester can assist HOAs with a wide range of planning, management, and communication activities to help their communities run more effectively. For more information about the services and support provided by Kuester Management Group, visit www.kuester.com.


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