Meditating with new inhaler could bring 33% more stress reduction

Meditation can be more effective and consistent when using the patent-pending ZenMosphere Inhaler

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – 26 Jun, 2017 – Meditation can be beneficial for relaxation, wellbeing and aiding anxiety and depression. But getting results with meditation requires one thing that most people lack time for: consistency.

ZenMosphere has launched a patent pending, world first aromatherapy-based device – specifically for people wishing to meditate with more consistency and results.

The ZenMosphere Vapor Disperser is an electronic, breath-activated inhaler that uses aromatherapy in a technologically advanced device – but without the dangers of essential oils. This is the first high-tech aromatherapy inhaler designed specifically for meditation, as a new tool to help users stick to their practice regularly.

“Clinical trials have shown combining aromatherapy and meditation could reduce stress and anxiety by 33%, and far more than meditation alone. ZenMosphere was founded to bring these benefits to meditators around the world, using science to back up safety,” says Max Smith, founder, and CEO.

The device vaporizes InterMix Liquids directly as the user breathes in.

“InterMix liquids are simple and put health first. We don’t use essential oils, which can, in fact, be dangerous when inhaled directly through the mouth, and aren’t always FDA registered.” Manisha Smith, Research Director explains.

InterMix liquids come with unique flavor profiles to provide uplifting, focusing or calming sensations.

The team behind ZenMosphere represent over 25 years of scientific experience and are avid meditators. For more information visit

About Zenmosphere Intermix Liquids and Vapor Disperser:

Intermix Liquids contain just 3 ingredients, all of which are Food and Drug Administration-approved and are 100% clean. Comparatively, essential oils aren’t always FDA registered and mouth inhalation may even cause lipid pneumonia.

The Vapor Disperser device is completely refillable, unlike some electronic oil-based alternatives.

The device has gone through rigorous tests and meets international standards for safety and quality, including FCC, CE and ROHS certifications.

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