What Western Women Think about Indian Men – Fun Series by @JNewsNetwork

Journalism News Network Has Finally Revealed What White Women Actually Think Of The Brown Guys

June 26, 2017 – Journalism News Network UK has released another exciting episode in its humorous web series titled ‘What Women Want’. The series is all about the views and perceptions of women regarding men and the title of this 4th episode is ‘What Western Women Think about Indian Men’.

There is an overwhelming majority of Indian men in the West and women had funny and interesting views to share in this episode. Women in London and Paris were interviewed in this episode and they were asked questions like What White Girls think of Brown Guys and much more.

“We have tried to solve the mysteries of a woman’s mind and the way it thinks about men.” Said the host of this interesting web series. “Our fourth episode explores about Western women views on Indian men and we have found mixed perceptions in the minds of western women about Indian guys.” The host added. Just the way most women from India are now preferring men from the west, we have discovered that western women also like Indian men.

Questions that were put in front of women in this web series were funny and thoughtful at the same time. These questions included the psychology of Indian men and how women feel when they ask too many personal questions. In addition, another interesting question asked was that why women want to date Indian men in the first place. As an answer to this question, women had interesting responses that were thoughtful and entertaining as well. Western girls had interesting approach towards Indian men.

Watch the complete episode 4:

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/jQH3MJ8TT0c

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