Minneapolis Roofer Fights GAF Effort to Silence His Personal Opinions for Life

In a case of modern-day David vs Goliath, local roofing company owner Dmitry Lipinskiy of Storm Group Roofing is standing firm against threats from corporate shingle manufacturer, GAF.

As part of Storm Group’s weekly “YouTube” video series he started in 2016 that reviews various roofing and home exterior improvement products, he posted a product review video comparing GAF products against some competing roofing products. GAF did not come out the winner each time, and in those videos – and not videos that Storm Group praised certain GAF products – GAF demanded that he remove the videos, citing a non-disparagement clause in the Storm Group’s certification agreement with GAF.  Storm Group’s response was that GAF violated the agreement by terminating his certification months early and without following the same agreement GAF asserted should silence Storm Group forever.

Earlier this year, GAF commenced legal action against Storm Group Roofing.  Storm Group Roofing denied the allegations, but in the hope of resolving the dispute quickly and efficiently, Storm Group Roofing and Dmitry Lipinskiy agreed to not publish comparison videos or other communication regarding GAF products.  The agreement was signed expecting a June hearing.  

GAF now seeks to push off his day in court until October and claims that Dmitry Lipinskiy personally, and his other companies, should be prevented from uttering GAF’s name, or comparing GAF roofing products for the rest of his and all his companies’ lives. “My agreement with GAF stated Storm Group Roofing, not Dmitry Lipinskiy.  I have been counseled that the laws in our country recognize the differences between companies and their owners.  If GAF had wanted me personally, and not just my company, to agree to its multi-page, small print agreement presented to me on an iPad without time for review, it could have included that in the agreement – although I would never have signed it.”

Lipinskiy, who emigrated from Russia in 2005, believes GAF should not be able to silence his personal opinions.  His story has been celebrated through media outlets, and a video produced by a third-party can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgKiO6gHZcw

“When I posted my earlier videos, I received so many comments from fellow roofing contractors agreeing with my opinions. But now GAF is demanding that I take the videos down, and is suing not only my company Storm Group, but also me personally, and are demanding that I personally agree to not mention GAF in my personal life or through my other companies for the rest of my life.  I was content to have the system determine if GAF’s claims against Storm Group are legitimate, but now it is clear GAF is out to silence not only my company, but myself in ways that are unethical and unsupported by the law.”

“I moved from Russia so that I could be free to express my opinions without fear. I started my business Roofing Insights to benefit customers and offer them choices in the best products available at the time. It’s shocking that a big company like GAF wants to silence me and my companies that have never agreed to anything with GAF –  all to prevent me from sharing my opinions to educate consumers. To me, the American way is building, promoting, and challenging the best products on the market in a spirit of competition. That’s what allows for better products to the customer, but apparently GAF does not want their product compared. I will never stop fighting for my customers, no matter what threats come my way.”

A FundRazr defense fund has been established by supporters of Dmitry Lipinskiy’s cause, and it is gaining momentum. “I need help.  Every dollar donated will go toward my fight.  I humbly request the financial means to win my case for myself and my family, as well as for small businesses and their owners everywhere.”

Storm Group Roofing is located in Brooklyn Park, MN. The company can be contacted via phone at (612) 559-2449 or one can contact Dmitry Lipinskiy via email at info@stormgrouproofing.com

For more information about the company visit their website http://www.stormgrouproofing.com

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