Fundraising Campaign Launched On Kickstarter For Funding Changing Table Locator App Launch

Changing table locator smart phone app launches campaign to raise funds on Kickstarter to finance the project.

Fundraising campaign launched on Kickstarter for project Changing Table Locator (CTL), an app developed by Jacob Smithers for locating changing tables for babies. The app which can be launched from any smartphone will help parents locate the nearest baby changing table while they are away from home.

“Our research showed that there aren’t enough changing tables or public restrooms, inconveniencing parents when they travel away from home with babies,” says Jacob Smithers, the app developer. “Our Changing Table Locator app will help identify the locations and businesses that have changing tables. With the fundraising campaign we hope to achieve the capital needed to achieve our goals efficiently.”

Changing Table Locator is an endeavor to help parents access and share information about where changing tables are across the U.S. and Canada. The research team for CTL discovered that there weren’t enough changing tables and wanted to change that. They wanted to improve the numbers across the US. Jacob Smithers is committed to make life easy for parents when it comes to changing task. CTL project is a no-profit one and involves volunteer work. Everything is done by the team in their own time.

Jacob says that there is little information available to parents about changing table location.  Many retail companies and restaurants have already contributed to this unique project by sharing information about changing table locations. Information of independently owned and operated franchises is not openly available. CTL aims to be the eyes on the ground when it comes to finding changing tables across the whole of US and Canada. The funding is needed to promote businesses that already have Changing Tables and to encourage businesses that currently don’t to have them installed.

We have contacted many large retail companies and restaurants already and they have helped us tremendously by giving us information about their locations that have changing tables. Some franchises are independently owned and operated so the corporate headquarters doesn’t know which locations have changing tables. We need you to be our eyes on the ground to help us promote businesses that already have changing tables and encourage those that don’t to have them installed.

The company wants their supporters to help them identify the places with changing tables by visiting different businesses once they launch the CTL app. The donations are needed as even good causes need money for effective implementation. Servers, website and data also costs money. Hiring professional and experienced designers and developers also is an expensive affair. Jacob Smithers is hopeful that the fundraising campaign will help them meet their financial goals to launch the project.

The Kickstarter funding will also help them launch their iPhone app and a new website with a stretch goal to start work on the Android app.

The CTL app can be a game-changer for families planning a visit away from home. The can get easy access to reliable and updated information about changing tables nearby the place they plan to visit. As the location information is provided by Yelp, the CTL app will link back to Yelp. Users can get detailed information in the form of reviews, pictures and other useful content.

About Changing Table App:

The Changing Table App is a no-profit endeavor launched by Jacob Smithers. The team will help spread awareness about the location of changing tables across the US and Canada and encourage businesses that do not have to install one. The fundraising campaign on Kickstarter is aiming to raise $5,000 by 6 July, 2017. There are different levels of incentives being offered to backers of the project.

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