Deaf Children’s Theater Launches Campaign For Raising Funds On Kickstarter For Taking Their Performances To Newer Places

Deaf Children’s Theater announces fund raiser on Kickstarter for conducting workshops, school visits and cultural exchange programs.

Deaf Children’s Theater has announced that they will be running a fundraiser campaign on Kickstarter for the smooth conducting of various cultural exchange programs and workshops involving deaf communities internationally. They are calling for donations from the public to pay for the flight and accommodation costs of the small theater family, Deaf Children Theater for their travel and stay in Canada.

“We have been meeting theater groups from all over the world during the course of our performances and want to encourage participation and collaboration among deaf communities internationally,” says Christian Lange who started this campaign for Wings for Clowns, the Deaf Children’s Theatre. “I want our deaf actors to get the opportunity to share, play and bridge the gap between their deaf worlds. The fundraising campaign is an attempt to ensure that our efforts at bringing together and bridging communities can be done smoothly.”

Christian says that he was introduced to the Piano Theatre during the World’s Festival of Children’s Theatre held in Stratford, Ontario. These kids from the theater impressed him so much that he could connect with him instantly and deeply despite the cultural, language, and age boundaries. Christian was delighted by their effortless ways of spreading joy and excitement everywhere they go. He was committed to provide them and other similar theater groups from all over the world a common global platform to showcase their incredible talent.

Deaf Children’s Theatre group also had the chance to meet another theater group from Ottawa Canada during the World’s Festival of Children’s Theatre in Stratford, ON. The Piano Theatre from Russia and the Nizhny Novgorod Boarding School for the Deaf are all now hoping to come to Canada to visit schools in Montréal and Ottawa on the invitation of Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre. They will take part in school visits, cultural exchange programs and workshops. These performances will be aimed at connecting the various deaf communities internationally.

The theater group has all its preparations tied up and in place. The invitations are ready and the visas obtained. The group is ready and rearing to go. Funds are the only impediment as they do not have the finances to afford the flight costs. It will also deprive them of the opportunity to meet their hosts in Montréal and Ottawa. The goal of the group is to raise CA$6,000. The campaign will come to an end on 11 July, 2017. Pledges can earn attractive incentives based on the level of participation.

About Deaf Children’s Theater:

Deaf Children’s Theater comprises of artists of age ranging from 9 to 17 years looking to share their talent with similar theater groups. The aim is the bridge the gap between the deaf worlds. Achieving creative and social rehabilitation of the children that have hearing impairment is another key objective of the theater.

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