Intelli-Bracelet Takes The Crowdfunding Route To Raise Funds For Production And Launch Of Their Unique Device

Intelli-Bracelet attempts to raise fund for the project through crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

Intelli-Bracelet is an innovative product in the wearable technology domain that is quite unlike anything that has entered the market so far. It is a protective gear designed to deter and prevent people from harming children. The product is also designed for tracking those who suffer from dementia. Parents and guardians can track their loved ones easily if they wander away from secured environs.

“Intelli-Bracelet is an important product that’s a must have for responsible and caring parents,” says Douglas Register, the developer of this innovative technology. “The tool is a great way to ensure proactive protection of kids from harm. The product will also be highly useful in ensuring that dementia patients do not wander away from homes or safe custody of their caretakers/guardians.”

Intelli-Bracelet and its app will be designed to be compatible with all Android and smart devices. The funding campaign that the developers have embarked on is necessary to ensure that the process of production of the device is initiated fast and also to make sure that the highest standards of quality is maintained.

According to Douglas Register, they are seeking a funding of $50,000 which will be used for research and development of all safety features and functions of the bracelet. The funding will also be used for other critical processes such as product development, manufacturing, product packaging and application development. Intelli-Bracelet developers will also be filing for non-provisional patent for the product.

Contributors to the crowdfunding campaign for Intelli-Bracelet on Indiegogo will be able to enjoy several perks congruent to the level of investment they do in the project. Basic package is being offered at $35 and offers investors one limited edition Basic Intelli-Bracelet T-shirt. The Select Intelli-Bracelet Package is for those who invest $50. They will receive one Intelli-Bracelet T-shirt and coupon for 5 per cent off the Intelli-Bracelet.

There are Intelli-Bracelet packages available for higher amounts as well from $75 to $475 with increasing level of incentives and perks to the investors according to the quantum of investment they make in the project.

According to Douglas Register, the campaign is scheduled to run till January 2018. He and his team are hopeful of achieving their funding goals during this period. If they fail to reach that goal, the funds collected will still be used towards providing the ultimate safety product to families across the world. There will be a concerted effort to introduce the Intelli-Bracelet to the society by the fall of 2017.

About Intelli-Bracelet:

Intelli-Bracelet is a unique and innovative which is developer, Douglas Register calls as the Ultimate Intelligent Bracelet. It comes with a ground-breaking wearable technology designed to improve the ability of parents, guardians and caretakers to protect their loved ones. The bracelet can also be extremely handy for those who suffer from dementia as their loved ones will be alerted to any attempt to move away from secure confines and environment.

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