Christopher Berry assures safest retirement planning with new Bucket Planning Certification

Michigan esquire Christopher J Berry has acquired The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process certification to help pre-retirees and recent retirees plan the safest retirement that would be immune to the risks of modern financial market.

Brighton, MI – June 26, 2017 – A financially independent retirement is the dream for every professional out there. However, the contemporary market volatility runs the risk of affecting traditional retirement savings big time, leaving many with sleepless nights. But no such worries any more – Veteran Esquire Christopher J. Berry, JD, CELA, has assured a better and safer retirement planning for Michigan folks with his unique “holistic” approach. He recently acquired the esteemed The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process certification from Clarity2Prosperity which has equipped him with a structured strategic approach to bucketing assets in respect to today’s financial challenges & dangers.

As per the market gurus, the conventional investing approach for retirement where one keeps little money at bank & the remaining lump sum amount in several investments, won’t work today. The contemporary market features 3 biggest financial dangers like – market risk, interest risk & sequence of returns risk – which demands a more refined planning for a stress free retirement in its truest sense.

“The traditional approach to financial retirement is not immune to today’s financial risks. You need a more sophisticated regimen here for secured and best co-ordinated retirement. We promise that safe retirement of your dreams with our state of the art holistic approach that will optimize your life savings & coordinate all major aspects of financial life -to meet your specific retirement goals. I am certified in the prestigious Bucket Plan Best Interest Process certification and know how to implement   comprehensive asset positioning strategies in the best interests of my clients”, stated Christopher.

CJ Berry Group counts in all the critical facets of the client’s financial life to ensure a comprehensive and co-ordinated retirement program. These include –

  • Insurance
  • Investment
  • Tax planning
  • Medicate
  • Estate planning
  • Social security strategies
  • Long-term care planning

So, how does the Bucket approach work? As per Chris’s statements, the bucket approach involves dividing retirement savings and investments into 3 buckets – Now, Soon and Later.

Now bucket– it provides safe liquid money which can be used for emergency fund and also big planned expenses in the initial years of retirement, such as a new car or a new roof for the house or a car. This bucket will provide you the money just ‘when’ you would need it so that you can sleep in peace at night.

Soon bucket– this bucket is your conservative investment and income money. You can use it as a planned income source for the first few years of retirement. It’s meant for growth to offset inflation. This money won’t be affected by a downswing in stock market.

Later bucket– It represents the retiree’s long-term growth and legacy money for children and surviving spouse. It assures greater growth opportunities for your money compared to the previous two as it is intended for long term. You can invest here without worrying much about daily market volatility.

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