Embrace The Wonderful Life With Airwheel H3 Electric Folding Wheelchair

Actions speak louder than words. With the powerful functions and unique characteristics, Airwheel newly released H3 smart electric wheelchair is going to cause a stir and bring much convenience for the people who have difficulty in walking.

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As it has gained much popularity all around the world, more and more customers are getting curious about the sharp edge of the Airwheel compared with other kinds of scooters. Recently, Airwheel rolled out a brand new series—H series and H3 automatic electric wheelchair is its founding model. This article is to illustrate the amazing structure and performance of Airwheel H3.
smart electric wheelchair

Airwheel H3 Electric Wheelchairs has utilized the unique gyroscope system and fuzzy algorithm principle to achieve the self-balancing function. H3 can control the going and stopping of the vehicle through its body gravity and response for any operation input. It chooses aluminum alloy material, with better load ability and durability.

smart electric wheelchair

Airwheel H3 folding electric wheelchair is mounted with a super large saddle, with which the riders can enjoy a comfortable and relaxed riding experience. Thanks to this improvement, riders can feel at ease even if they are having a long-distance ride, thereby enabling H3 automatic electric wheelchair to enter the mass market. Also, H3 is coupled with magnetic levitation motor to replace the bearing with magnetic power which will reduce the radial hub load for the vehicle. H3 has utilized the branded electric core which has a stronger braking capability and more effective acceleration. The battery can be re-charged for over numerous times and enjoys long service life. Furthermore, H3 electric core has been integrated with flame retardant and explosion proof function to protect users from any potential damage caused by batteries.
automatic electric wheelchair
Consistent with human’s regular mindset and operational manner, Airwheel H3 is equipped with a handlebar controller, which greatly improves the stability of the vehicle and renders the ride more comfortable. The operation is more flexible with 360 ° steering. Moreover, H3 outdoor/indoor wheelchair installs automatic folding system, with one button to fold automatically. Portable package design is easy to solve travel problems. To sum up, Airwheel H3 lightweight electric wheelchair is born for people who have difficulty in walking to embrace the wonderful city life.

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