Make It Hapin, a brand-new, creative assistant service designed to help people shop based on their inspiration images has launched their personalized shopping platform for helping people recreate clothing, crafting and home decor looks. 

Born from a passion for harnessing the power of technological organization with creative assistance support, Make It Hapin starts by simply receiving a texted photo from the interested shopper. Once received, the agent seeks out related items based on the photo, and upon receiving approval, has them shipped right to the shopper’s door.

“Think of how much time is wasted every day when individuals spot a magazine Ad or a picture on social media and attempt to recreate the look by themselves,” said Veronica Lieberman, Founder and Owner of Make It Hapin. “With our new platform, the next time a person finds an inspirational clothing or home décor photo, they can simply text it to us and we’ll take care of finding what they need to recreate the look.”

Make It Hapin combines automation and human skill to create a personalized shopping experience for helping every individual to achieve their creative goal. The site also sends relevant tutorials and style tips to help consumers get un-stuck with the creative process.

Additionally, Make It Hapin offers a “pay as you need” plan, as well as a monthly subscription plan so consumers can pick whatever payment option is right for them. For consumers not ready to purchase the sourced products right away, Make It Hapin will happily email the links so the client can purchase at a later date.

“The inspiration for Make It Hapin came from when I did a complete overhaul of my Pinterest account and realized that I spent all my time pinning images instead of actually executing these visions,” said Lieberman. “As someone who has always had a talent for visually sourcing similar images, I decided to take this premise, combine it with automation technology, and provide a service that every individual is going to appreciate.”

Though Make It Hapin currently covers clothing, crafts, and home décor items, Lieberman stated that the sky is the limit with regards to the platform’s product-pairing potential.

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