SliceCrowd Offers What No Other Front-End Development Company Can

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria – SliceCrowd is the first entirely creative front-end development in Bulgaria company. They offer the “Interactive” and “Motion” type of front-end that no other front-end development company offers. This creative front-end development company offers the type of development that makes websites interact with users in a modern and interesting way. The creative front-end developers use videos, animations, transitions and parallax to bring websites to life.

With the rise in popularity of technology and social media, it is not surprising that companies are constantly looking for new ways to get their customers’ or clients’ attention. Creativity is quickly becoming the key to gaining awareness. Since websites are getting more creative, knowledge about motion design and animations is gaining importance. Working with creativefront-end developers is becoming a popular trend, because designers cancollaborate with the developers to make their designs a reality.

SliceCrowdis the first and only creative front-end development company in the world. Bringing designs to life is not easy and requires attention to detail, skill and knowledge of tools like HTML 5, CC3, WordPress, and more.SliceCrowd provides these skills to every client so that designers can bring their ideas to life and build their portfolios.

“As a UI&UX designer I was searching for this kind of development for ages,” Alex Gilev, a satisfied client, said. “I’ve never believed that I could find it outside of the big-time creative agencies. Thank you,SliceCrowd, for helping me win awards with my portfolio.”

Adding creativity to websites is quickly becoming a popular trend. However, according to the founder of SliceCrowd, StoyanDaskaloff,assuming that a great front-end developer could become a creative front-end developer is wrong because this is not always the case. SliceCrowd works by teaching great front-end developers how to be creative by managing and critiquing their work.

SliceCrowd was founded in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, which has a population of about 60,000 people. Since there were no creative front-end developers in the area, SliceCrowd hired a trainer to teach a group of 20 people how to master front-end development and how to have an eye for animation and real-life physics. This determination to develop a new kind of front-end development resulted in the creation of a company that offers skills that no other company offers.

Since SliceCrowd offers creative front-end development, a new service that no other company offers, SliceCrowd has become very popular with designers who are looking to take their designs to the next level.

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