Introducing The Alpha Bottle, An All-In-One Electrolyte Infusing Water Bottle

In today’s world of athletics, most athletes rely on electrolyte supplements to keep their bodies kicking for the more difficult courses. Today Gemini Hydration is pioneering a new, more convenient method of mixing these electrolytes with their latest product: the Alpha Bottle.

Athletes in the modern world need to keep up with their nutrition in order to be able to keep up with the rest of the field. However, there is one aspect of nutrition that is incredibly difficult for athletes, in particular, to replace: electrolytes. Electrolytes are naturally passed out of the body through the form of sweat; thus, athletes that sweat during a hot workout are prone to electrolyte deficiency. This imbalance can lead to a variety of problems as electrolytes are essential for contracting muscle tissue, keeping nerves receptive, and other bodily functions. Thus, athletes who exercise for long periods of time have turned to either solid or liquid gel-based supplements in order to keep their electrolyte levels in check. For weight purposes, these supplements are typically highly concentrated, resulting in a potent electrolyte soup that can cause stomach issues if ingested too quickly. Here to help regulate this ingestion rate in a clean and simplistic way is the Alpha Bottle by Gemini Hydration, a medical-grade water bottle with an innovative regulating nozzle.

The Alpha Bottle itself owes its innovative features to its ability to hold two separate materials.  The bottle holds a whopping twenty-five ounces of water in its main compartment with a smaller forty-five milliliter compartment for gel or other water additives. When the user squeezes, the bottled water flows from the main compartment into a web of tubing inside the smaller compartment, allowing the water to mix thoroughly with the electrolyte additive. This mixture is then pushed through the main nozzle for athletes to enjoy. The potency of this mixture can be easily adjusted by simply twisting the nozzle. With a quick twist of the nozzle, athletes can switch from pure water to a concentrated mixture of electrolytes or anything in between. As an added benefit, the smaller compartment can be filled with materials other than electrolyte gel, giving users an opportunity to try out fruit-infused mixers and more.


However, mass producing these innovative and intricate bottles is no easy task. To remedy this issue, the Gemini Hydration team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through this campaign, readers can pre-order Alpha bottles at a reduced price while supplies last. With this support, the team behind the Alpha bottle will be able to make nutrition a breeze for athletes everywhere.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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