Scott Scanlon, Creator of Curation Suite, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs about Content Curation and Inbound Marketing.

Curation Suite is a content curation platform that gives the power to curate and publish in any niche or market. Scott is an entrepreneur with over 10+ years in digital marketing and a background in the U.S. Army, music industry, real estate, technical consulting, and business development. Scott is also a coder and still enjoys the Zen like flow of developing when he has time.

During the interview, Scanlon offered insider tips on how to locate valuable and reputable content published by respected authorities in a specific niche and then curate it in a powerful way to use as a blog post on a website or social media. When asked about the unique aspect of social curation, Scanlon said: “Curation Suite looks at the content you are curating and finds content you can add to your curated post. These are usually Tweets, Facebook updates, or Google+ updates. For instance, imagine you are on a site that has few embedded Tweets from Twitter. You could visit those Tweets on Twitter and click to get the embed code. Curation Suite does this automatically for you.”

Content curation is valuable because it sets up the contributor to be seen alongside authoritative content. This is important both from the standpoint of visitors to a blog post as well as how Google views the content. Scanlon commented: “Here’s a question we get often: does content curation help in my search engine optimization? This was something we really worried about when first we first started curating. We didn’t want to be penalized by the search engines when we upped our curated content. The main reason why was some of our best converting offers come from search traffic… so we didn’t want to send the wrong signals. What we discovered was that when you curate content from credible sources, it shows that you have a trusted and authoritative site. It adds life to your site and search engines love more and more content.”

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