Lixian 3D Launches its Latest 3D Printer & CafeMaker Latte Art Printer in 2017

Lixian 3D is a company launched in the year 2016 and is involved in production and export of high quality 3D printers. The company is based in China and caters to requirements from different parts of the world.

Technology has expanded the possibilities and with smart 3D technology the kind of products as well as presentation of products has evolved over the years. One of the most fascinating additions to this technology is the inclusion of coffee and latte art printers. These printers deploy advanced printing technology and transform the manner in which coffee or latte is being presented or consumed. One company that excels in redefining technology and offering its advanced collection of these machines is Lixian 3D. The company was established in the year 2016 and harbors the vision of offering superior quality 3D printers.

Lixian 3D Launches its Latest 3D Printer & CafeMaker Latte Art Printer in 2017

Featuring these products from China the company manufactures as well as exports these printers to several countries across the world. It is a market that is new and untapped with enough potential to tap on to. After launching its own 3D printers in the year 2016, the company added the CafeMaker latte art coffee printer in 2017. The technology uses edible ink that takes about 10 to 20 seconds to print out a cup of latte art coffee. It is very simple to use and can easily connect to a smartphone and print out images on the phone by simply scanning the QR code. This needs to be followed by uploading the picture. The company offers the product with dedicated software that can be easily installed on a phone and used.

The fact that this latte art printer it uses edible ink to print coffee latte makes it safe for consumption. It is free from any chemicals and is available with 4 cartridges. Users can refill these cartridges quite easily too. The products by the company have been authenticated by FCC, CE and RoHS for ensuring that it meets the safety and quality standards. The product is set to upgrade the coffee life and redefine the coffee fashion drastically.

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For more details about the coffee art printer or to send and enquiry, interested customers can check out their website. The website offers details about the way these products function and the manner in which it can be used. For instant answers to queries and questions, customers can use the live chat feature on their website.

About Lixian 3D

Lixian 3D is a Chinese manufacturing company that is involved in production of 3D printers and launches its latest CafeMaker Latter printer. This printer is manufactured to innovatively change the concept of coffee making. It uses edible ink and complies with international safety and quality standards needed for food grade products. For more details or to send an enquiry, please visit their website.

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