Indoor Air Quality Market Projected To Be Worth 10.8 Billion by 2021

Atlanta, GA – A recent report published by BCC research has found that the market for indoor air quality is gathering pace, and predicted to show significant growth in the future. According to published statistics the industry was worth 7.85 billion dollars in 2015 and will rise to 10.8 billion by 2021.

Home owners are becoming a lot more aware of the benefits of filters, purifiers and cleaners that not only improve the quality of air within their home, but also help in the fight against hay fever, asthma and other illnesses. The growth of the industry in recent years demonstrates that people are prepared to invest in products that will improve their indoor air quality and subsequently their health.

As the industry has matured, it is now possible to purchase air purifiers and cleaners off the shelf or online. A quick piece of research found a wide range of different products at National Air Warehouse, many of which didn’t require professional installation. The general consensus of opinion is that this is another reason for the increase in popularity. Indoor air quality products have evolved to the point of almost being an impulse purchase, and this demand shows little sign of slowing down.

Asthma in particular is much more prevalent today than in the early 1960’s for example, but the level of understanding amongst the general public has also increased. Homeowners are focused on doing everything possible to reduce the effect of asthma and other illnesses and if that means investing in air purifiers, then they are more than happy to pay that price. As the summer months approach, pollen counts begin to rise, and air quality drops, the likelihood is that the demand for air purifiers will continue to increase. It would appear that there is indeed money to be made out of thin air. 

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