My Regards to “The Kid” – Selection of insightful articles

“My Regards to “The Kid” by Jan Glidewell
Jan Glidewell presents some of his best articles in the new collection “My Regards to “The Kid”.

Serial killers, hookers, dirty politicians and kidnapped children were some of Jan Glidewell’s daily topics. As a reporter for the St. Pete Times, he regularly wrote columns about the darker side of life and gained a loyal readership. He was born on Feb 19, 1944 in Miami, FL, and dropped out of High School, only to complete it later in life. Before he found his calling as a reporter, he served five years in the Marine Corps as a parachute-qualified radiotelegraph operator and left as a sergeant. He then began work in journalism and his path eventually led him to the St. Pete Times.

The collection of articles “My Regards to “The Kid” by Jan Glidewell shows that even the most unlikely person can turn into a great reporter that catches the attentions of many readers. Jan Gildewell is a nudist hippie airing liberal political commentary and tales of his five marriages – and not a grumpy journalist who never smiles and takes his work far too seriously. He was hired against the advice of the paper’s executive editor and retired 30 years later a local icon. This collection shows why hiring him had been one of the best decisions the paper ever made.

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