Main Poster of Imperial Princess Lands on Times Square, MMD Aims at Summer Vacation

Recently, a movie poster with oriental fantasy style suddenly appears at the screen in Times Square. It is known that the movie, Imperial Princess, is starred by MMD which is called the first Chinese women’ s group of Chinese style. The strong Chinese style can be a real surprise for the viewers.

The movie seems to tell a story about the princess and the prince. The poster mainly exerts the cool tone, revealing a thrilling and mysterious atmosphere. Leading actress, Qian Qian, is said to be a legendary girl who debuted as music producer, creates an original song in every week for two years, and offers this idol group with unique style. And she takes the leading role in the movie, Imperial Princess.

The actors in this movie are the members of BAT which also is created by the company, Xinglu Tianxia. Three members all have an important role in the movie of imperial series, working with the members of women’s group.

Some time ago, Great Wall, featuring Matt Damon, allows the people to appreciate the magic of this ancient oriental country. Many fans say that this movie is quite impressive. As a fan of Matt Damon, I am deeply attracted by the elements of Chinese culture shown in this movie. With the help of stunning motion picture technique, I feel that I am no longer an audience, and instead I participate in person in this legend and become a member of the army to defend the Great Wall. Meanwhile, it arouses my interest in the movie of oriental theme.

MMD, the most beautiful women’s group of Chinese style, works with BAT, the idol group of new generation, to present a movie integrating the elements of youth, icon, ancient costume, romance and suspense. Anyone who has interests may watch this magical movie with oriental fantasy.

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