Innovating towards the future of Smart Homes with Haier’s XShuai C3

The first Haier’s Alexa Voice Control vacuum robot with video chat and small price.

Yes, you read it right: small price. Haier Group launched its latest terminal, the XShuai C3 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner at a competitive 349USD this mid-June. As part of their advertising campaign, an Indiegogo project aired to promote this astounding smart home device and offers the possibility to back the project and get your bot at Early Bird discounted prices* (starting from 269USD) throughout the length of the campaign.

What are the highlights of the product? The most attractive feature is the Amazon Echo function. The C3 is the first vacuum of the Haier’s family, and one of the few in the market, which can be controlled using Amazon’s Alexa Voice Control. Speak up your wish to turn on/off the bot and Andy, which is C3 default nickname,  will get started or go to sleep until you need it again.

The second most important highlight is the video chat option to connect 24/7 with your home while you are away, thanks to its built-in camera with microphone and speakers. Download the Huiba App on your smartphone (Android & iOS availability) and talk to your loved ones at any time of the day. If you have pets, this feature will allow you to keep an eye on them and see what they are up to while you are not at home.

In terms of cleaning, the C3 is a dual–mopping and sweeping, vacuum robot device that can schedule the cleaning with your Smartphone so it can work while you are not at home. The bot uses a HEPA filter to trap fine dust mites, pollen particles and other harmful pollutants that might cause allergies. Turn on the robot and select your preferred cleaning mode among the 5 available ones to clean according to your needs. With the Auto Mode, Andy will find the closest wall to locate itself in the room to then, start cleaning in a methodical pattern.

The Z-Mode also uses the methodical pattern to clean, but it differs from the auto in the start point, as it will initiate from its current position. Use the Spot Mode for deep cleaning areas where there is a higher concentration of dirt, crumbs or other particles. With this mode, it will work on spiral movements within the limited area to pick up and clean the dirt/stains. The Edge Mode is perfect to clean along the wall, as it will spin its bottom brushes and pick up dirt that tends to remain by the walls. Lastly, the Pure Suction Mode will suck in the dirt instead of brushing it away. This mode is perfect to clean the floor of rugs from pet hair.

Other remarkable features that deserve to be mentioned are the Auto Return to Charge Base**. This smart function lets the C3 to automatically go back to charge base to recharge the power and go back to its cleaning tasks once it is charged.

**Manual charging mode is also available. Just connect the robot with the charging base manually, and make sure the light indicator is on

The Ground Detector feature prevents the vacuum robot from falling down the stairs thanks to its frontal sensors. It will stop before the damage is done and will change the route to keep cleaning. Those same frontal sensors act as Anti-Wall Collision, stopping before bumping into the walls.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the Haier XShuai C3 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner is encouraged to visit the official page on Indiegogo where all features are deeply reviewed and where you can get a glimpse of how it works with a video.

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* Limited number of Early Bird offers, check availability at the XShuai C3 Indiegogo page.

– Eloisa Latorre

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