My Flifli Announces the Release of a Multi-Purpose Product: FLIFLI AIRDROP!

One Convenient Step to Dropping Your Light Weight Cargo is the FLiFLi AirDrop Release and Drop Device for DJI Phantom 3 Standard (FAD-1000AT) & for 4 Series (FAD-1000ST).

New Jersey, USA – 26th June, 2017 It is a product that has continued to send strong signals to its users across the globe. No doubt, compared to other dropping devices, it ranks the easiest and convenient to use. It offers its users that leap of assurance that guarantees safe delivery.

What more can I say? It is of compact and portable size with smooth and perfect attachment. It has an innovative technology design and works on a one-click of the button. In other to exemplify its work-rate, it can travel for a distance of 1 kilometer with about 200grams payload. It covers more than 3,280ft. It is effortless to install DJI Phantom 3 & 4 series (FAD-1000AT for Phantom 3 series). All these are made possible because of its easy to fix accessories which include: Battery chargers, air batteries, first person view (FPV), cameras, camera gimbals, motors and speed control, drone rotor blades, drone cases, and drone miscellaneous.

However, there are three easy steps to get FAD-1000ST working. The one step is to attach the bracket to the DJI. Next is to place FAD-1000ST to the bracket. And finally, let it fly and drop with just one click in your hand.

Because of its multi-dimensional usages, FLiFLi AirDrop is guaranteed to give you excellent fishing experiences. One notices that it quickly turns into a fight for survival for any fish once it takes the drone delivered bait. One thing is sure; FLiFLi AirDrop would always have an impact on the recreational sports fishing industry. It surprises users who have tried it out. It can drop your fishing line at the distance of 1 kilometer. The preceding makes clear the fact that this product got developed while studying how to cast bait from a distance when fishing in the sea. Hence, it brings every doubt to a halt.

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Remember, FLiFLi AirDrop is not used just for fishing. It also offers a broad range of help in other areas especially its relevance in the delivering of small loads. It gives people the aura to deliver their cargo at a go. It is what everyone needs for a fun-filled experience of transferring a few loads to a new place, at a minimal time.

FLiFLi AirDrop Release and Drop Device for DJI Phantom 4 Series (FAD-1000ST) is available on Amazon!

Please visit the website to grab your FLiFLi AirDrop Release and Drop Device for DJI Phantom 3 Standard (FAD-1000AT):

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