The Stone Wallet Available For Support on Kickstarter

Slim and Sturdy, It Marks an Innovation in Accessories

Rome – June 27, 2017 – The concept of a stone wallet sounds interesting. And now it has become a reality thanks to the new Stone Wallet, a product that is currently being supported on Kickstarter. The wallet is currently in production in Europe and is being promoted as a unique innovation in fashion for its sturdy yet slim and easy to use design.

The Stone Wallet is designed with a minimalist approach. It fashionably uses natural stone to create a slim and unique wallet.

This is made with natural slate stone sheets. Each sheet is carefully cut and added onto a series of cellulose fibers. It is combined with Italian lambskin leather to establish a slim body.

The slate sheet especially creates a strong body that does not tear up and keeps the inside of the wallet protected. As this works, it creates a stronger look that stands out and yet is still slim to where it doesn’t feel uncomfortable to carry around. It is a very easy to use the wallet that is strong and has a powerful body that makes it a standout choice to have for an accessory.

The possibility of different colors of the stone combinated with the colors of the leather makes this wallet a unique slate look while the leather interior comes with a blue tone that mixes in perfectly. The body also has plenty of space for storing up to 18 business or credit cards. It can also hold many notes and other items with other larger compartments. This is all made to be flexible and easy to use without adding loads of bulk.

The makers of the Stone Wallet are currently promoting the product on Kickstarter. Those who pledge €108 or more will get a standard-size wallet. Meanwhile, a pledge of €98 will offer a smaller wallet that holds up to 12 cards. These totals are good for more than a third off of the anticipated retail price for the wallet.

Additional limited edition offers are available to those who pledge the most to the campaign. This includes a special edition for €499 that features premium ostrich leather in one of three colours. All of these particular wallets can also be shipped out to any address in the world.

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