Releases New Tactics of Handling Cyberstalking Rightly

27 June, 2017 – The recent years have been a time of rapid expansion of cyberspace activities. At that peak is a geometric progression rate of increase of internet users day by day. The internet has been a vital part of today’s lifestyle being a form of communication that made the world become a single village.

As the faces of men and women are different, the psyches, both are widely different. These made different users of the internet drive their usage towards different directions. The use of electronic communication means to harass, disturb, threaten, pursue, intimidate or follow someone against the personal will which is known as cyber stalking.

Stalkers have made the internet the first tool to contact and harass victims before physical harassment often times offline harassment occur in many variations ranging from personally, intimidating the victim to gathering unwitting mobs of online users to aid in the crime.

Kris Degioia remains a powerful agitator standing firm against all forms of Cyberstalking. Degioia is widely known and refer to as a human rights activist by some, maintain that handling and curbing Cyberstalking is her primary objective. Kris Degioia believes success in controlling Cyberstalking in the United States and beyond will be a phase of fulfillment.

As a member of “Survivor in Action” group, her tweets are always centered on seeing a Stalking victim recuperate, fighting Cyberstalking and how to prevent or handle cases of cyber-bullying.

CSI Awareness provides complete protection to the victims of cyber stalking and cyber bullying. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, CSI Awareness was founded by Kris Degiola to provide software (created by CSI) and services to victims of cyberbullying, cyber harassment, Cyberstalking, and human trafficking.

Kris Degioia’s experience as a victim of stalking is the impetus behind her dedicated drive to curb Cyberstalking. The software created by CSI has received a massive boost as Tennessee law enforcement has approved, the approval of the software to help victims. In the past four months, CSI has successfully handled and solved over 200 cases.

CSI  has not only provided the software for victims but also help victims with both practical assistance and advice as well as the emotional support they need to cope and recover from PTSD. All the members working at the company have been the victims of a cybercrime they carry firsthand experience. The company assists individuals, families and organizations alike and fights to take legal actions against the criminals.

To all who are versed in the role of social network sites, Kris Degioia advises the users of being careful and not playing into the hands of stalkers.  Victims are encouraged to obtain documents related to the harassment at the time of its occurrence by screenshots and make a printout also to hold a duplicate record.  This record along with a detailed description of the abuse and time frame should be given to the local authorities, website owners or social networking support based on the harassment. All abusive observations need to be accurately reported to the case worker. If a life is at risk, contact the law enforcement immediately.

The victim’s now posses the power over the internet stalker!

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