27 June, 2017 – Technology maestro company, FliFli proudly announces the availability of its unique products (Airdrop Release and Drop Device for DJI Phantom 3 Standard (FAD-1000AT) & 4 Series (FAD-1000ST) on the Amazon platform and the Flifli web store.

The Flifli airdrops have been significantly designed to make it outshine others in the same range. The drone drop accessories have made the airdrop fascinating and outstanding.

Drone drop accessories are built in convenient sizes with a light weight, unimaginable compact and friendly design with a remote operating system that is just a click. The remote operating system can be referred to as “touch and response.” The radio transmitter and Rf module are programmed to operate smoothly with a soft touch of a button.

Drone drop performs unlimited activities that are related to its use, having a widespread connection of about one kilometer is advised, ensures ‘kilometer-wide’ wireless coverage and stable connection between Airdrop and the remote. Powered by (LoRa technology).

FLiFLi AirDrop Release and Drop Device for DJI Phantom three and four come with a starter pack that enables users to install easily. Both products have three simple step of operations. Firstly attach the bracket to your DJI. Place FAD-1000ST to the bracket and lastly let it fly and drop with just one click in your hand!

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/wfxiCWQ19WQ

FLiFLi AirDrop Release and Drop Device for DJI Phantom three and four can be on continuous movement performing unlimited activities for three continuous hours.  Flifli Airdrop Release and Drop Devices can be on standby for four hundred and ten hours; it has a battery charging time of just sixty minutes.

It is widely believed that Drone drop systems are used basically by military personnel, for surveillance use. It is an understatement that companies can use drone airdrops. Engineering companies use Drone Drop Accessory and equipment to monitor their infrastructure such as pipelines, buildings, and so on.

Unlimited activities in Farming has not been this easier, ranging from monitoring of farmland to dropping equipment at designated locations. Fishing activities have been an outdoor fun making use of a drone.

Drone fishing can either be for fun, sport or business purpose. Fishing drones are engineered to fly with twenty hooks baited longline up to one kilometer to sea. FLiFLi AirDrop Release and Drop Device is a Drone Fishing buddy, it Spots the Fish and drops the Bait. Flifli airdrop can be ordered from Amazon, as well as flifli website; The drone drop accessories include a remote, pouch, bracket, Remote Control Necklace and Micro-USB Cable (For Android)

Flifli has an excellent customer care team and sales support that is ever ready to attend to questions inquiries and purchase request. To be a reseller or investor or got a research project that might be of interest, do not hesitate to contact Flifli.

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