Cast Selected for The Chronic Adventure Story Pilot, Targeted to Attract Netflix

“Justin Blackburn has been selected to play the lead role in The Chronic Adventure Story.”
The principal cast members have been selected for the series pilot of The Chronic Adventure Story, a project inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure books and designed to attract interest from Netflix.

Boston, MA – Cast selections have been completed by writer and director Eric Bergquist for his pilot for the planned series The Chronic Adventure Story, which he says is designed to appeal to viewers of Netflix.

“The pilot episode story contains four interchangeable acts, which means there are 24 different permutations, and viewers can watch any or all of them. We believe fans of the Choose Your Own Adventure books will anxiously watch them all,” explained Bergquist.

In the pilot episode, Samuel Gibson finds himself in the middle of a plagiarism dispute over his fiction bestseller, and is suddenly faced with the alternative realities from his own story.

Gibson will be played by Justin Blackburn (Feature Presentation, The Immigrant). He graduated from Kent State University in 2014 then moved to Boston where he began his acting career.

Dana Stern (A Children’s Song) has been selected for the role of Lisa. Stern has performed in theatre and film in Israel, Canada, the UK and the United States. She has participated in numerous short features and student films, including the award-winning A Children’s Song, and in Disorder. Recent theatre credits include: Days of Atonement (Israeli Stage), Romeo and Juliet, and The Scarlet Letter (New Rep’s Classical Repertory Company); A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Much Ado About Nothing, and Romeo and Juliet (Magnificent Bastard Productions, Shit-Faced Shakespeare).

James Estes (Sypher, Analogic) has been selected for the role of McGinnis, the magician. Estes has been acting for 14 years and held the lead role in the previous Analogy Pictures film, Analogic.

Dave Bresnahan (Famine, Gulag Barashevo) will play the role of Rich Hunter. Bresnahan has appeared in more than 20 films in the past three years, filming in California, Utah, Boston, and Ireland.

Bergquist said he plans to film The Chronic Adventure Story pilot episode in the Boston area for the fall of 2017, or as soon as funding is in place.

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