Following Pojul — Corruption Suspicions Against Sallas & ANC

Following the Pojul corruption scandal, it now becomes clear that the Assamblea organization also has much to hide. We at ‘Catalonians for Transparency’ have been exposed to evidence implicating the ANC former treasurer, Josep Oriol Sallas, in corrupt financial conduct with regards to his ownership of several suspicious companies.

Now we ask, why doesn’t the ANC reveal the true circumstances surrounding Sallas’ departure from the organization, and what else are they hiding from us?

Oriol Sallas served as the ANC senior finance manager until he abruptly left the position in July 2014. There was no explanations to the sudden departure. Most importantly, the ANC failed to notify whether Sallas left of his own free will, or was he forced to leave.

Following an investigation by the CPT, we discovered Sallas is linked to five different companies listed in the same address in Badalona. The same board members appear in all five companies, and neither has an active website describing the nature of their activity. It is not clear why Sallas requires five active companies in the same field (textile), all in the same address and managed by the same people, listed under his name- this raises suspicions of attempted tax evasion of money laundering.  

We also discovered that during June 2014, the ANC was searching for an advertising agency. Oriol Sallas offered the services of one of his companies, ‘Madness SA’. However, in a secretariat meeting held in June the ANC management decided to reject Sallas’ offer.  High ranking members also stated that it would be wrong for the organization to use Sallas’ services.

We believe the reason for this is that the ANC are aware of his corrupt conduct, and do not wish to draw any unwanted attention, which might expose further corruption scandals involving the ANC.

We at ‘Catalonians for Transparency’ demand the Assamblea organization to reveal the circumstances surrounding Sallas’ departure. We will continue to pursue our just quest for transparency for the sake of a corruption-free Catalonia.

Are these the people we wish to lead our righteous journey for independence?

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