Inno Molding Co.,Ltd Engages in Production of Quality Plastic & Injection Molded Parts

Inno Molding Co.,Ltd has been dedicatedly engaged in manufacturing a comprehensive range of components using plastic mold making and injection molding manufacturing techniques since the last 2 decades.

Majority of the products and items of everyday need which human beings around the world use day after day, have components that are made using plastic injection molding method. Injection molded plastic parts and components are extremely versatile items that are used in different industrial and commercial sectors including automotive, medical, engineering, consumer electronics, home appliances, military, and gaming to name a few. Starting from the dashboard in the vehicle to the radio knobs, automatic window controls, mudguard to plastic bottle caps, cup lids, electrical switches, toys, syringes, DVDs, and CDs are all crafted using injection molding technology. Inno Molding Co.,Ltd is one of the leading plastic parts manufacturers in China that takes advantage of the aforementioned fabrication technique for creating innumerable molded items.

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Inno Molding has been exploiting the custom plastic injection molding mechanism for approximately 20 years which has enabled the firm to acquire a high degree of expertise in producing molded components. The company enjoys a competitive advantage over its competitors as it is able to fabricate an unlimited range of parts that are of uncompromising quality and at the same time are moderately priced. This entity produces automotive molds, automotive injection mold, plastic auto parts, plastic parts for laptop, injection mold, stand holder, smartphone covers, camera caps, spur plastic gear, top covers, ring case, sofa arm, battery case, master box, and much more.

As a prime plastic injection molding manufacturer, Inno Molding also crafts sit stand, plastic products, outer cover, plastic parts, rubber injection molding, base cover, slider mount, electric album, cylinder tank, mainframe, body housing, body case, and socket cover. The manufacturing enterprise has a huge factory spread over 3,500sq meters of real estate and houses advanced injection molding machines imported from USA, Germany, and Switzerland. The present setup comprises 5 CNC machine sets, 10 EDM sets, 5 slow-feed linear cutting machines, 18 milling machine sets, 6 grinding machine sets, 3 lathe sets, 25 injection machine sets, and 8 wire cutting machine sets. State-of-the-art designing and fabrication software applications are used including Moldflow, Auto CAD, Master CAM, UG, and Pro E for laying out the structure of the different molds and casts.

This plastic injection molding manufacturer conducts an organized DFM analysis and FMEA risk assessment using Moldflow software to minimize and negate possibilities of design errors before getting started with a project. In case, the firm bags a turnkey project, it takes meticulous care in laying out a 3D model, drawing and prototyping details in 2D so that the final design of the mold is exactly as per the specifications provided by the customers. Being an established and top plastic injection mold producer, Inno Molding has the infrastructure and experience to offer customers products of high quality, at best prices, and excellent after sales service.

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Inno Molding Co.,Ltd is a reputed producer of plastic and injection molding products in China and has a large and well-equipped factory for manufacturing sophisticated items. For more details, please visit their website.

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