Malaysian serial entrepreneur inviting investors to his new promising biotech company

Leading Malaysian entrepreneur Ryan Parker is about to launch a new-age biotech company soon. He has plans to list it on OTC stock exchange and subsequently on NASDAQ.

Kuching, Sarawak – June 27, 2017 – News for business investors on the lookout of high potential investments of late. Serial Malaysian entrepreneur Ryan Parker has recently announced to launch a new promising biotech company soon this year and is inviting interested investors from all over. He is looking forward to quote the company on the OTC stock exchange and later listing on NASDAQ. 

The 37-year-old entrepreneur is one of the most notable names in the contemporary international business scene today. He currently heads Borneo Industrial Fishery – the leading deep-sea and seafood industry conglomerate in Malaysia that channelizes the huge biomass across the Sarawak waters. 

A dynamic entrepreneur to the core, Ryan Parker Sarawak had successfully conducted Reverse Merger of Malaysia’s Borneo Industrial Fisheries into the OTC stock markets in USA a few years back. The Reverse Merger entity was entitled “Borneo Industrial Fishery Corp Inc” with symbol (OTCPK:BOFC). He had also successfully exited the investment in 3 years and the company is now reversed into “Shenzhen Yidian Double Way of Innovation Culture Media Corp” with Symbol (OTCPK:SYDW).

“I am excited to announce that I am soon to come up with my upcoming biotech company. If you are looking for attractive investments this year, my new venture speaks of great potential for you. I have huge experience in foraying in OTC Stock Exchange, USA, as I myself handled the successful reverse merger of my Borneo Industrial Fishery company a few years back. I had a successful exit as well and I am confident of the same positive journey with my next venture as well”, stated Ryan Parker Sarawak while announcing about the upcoming company.

The Borneo Industrial Fishery is not the only accomplishment for the serial entrepreneur. A post Graduate with a Master of Finance from Curtin University (Perth, WA), he embarked on his career as a management consultant in the esteemed Ernst & Young, with specialization in government budgeting systems and management of internal audits. After a solid experience with Ernst & Young, he set out to establish multiple companies at both local & international levels. His companies covered a wide range of industries, ranging from land banking, agriculture, fisheries etc. 

Ryan Parker has also been in the board of directors for 3 public companies, one in Malaysia, one in UK and another in USA.

However, according to him, his biggest achievement so far was the reverse merger of his fisheries company and subsequent entry into the OTC stock exchange, USA and successful exit.

“I am planning an OTC stock exchange entry with my upcoming biotech company as well”,  Ryan Parker added.

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He specifically chooses USA’s stock exchanges because the stock value here is 15-18x its earning – much higher than what we see in other competing exchanges. It invariably translates to significant investment potential for the investors. 

“If the market seems conducive, I have plans to list it on the NASDAQ before the exit. I want to guarantee my investors the most powerful bang for their buck. I know it means a lot of work ahead but I am ready for any challenge. I will  push the limits to reach the highest pinnacles of value.”

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