FLiFLi Introduces world’s first Drone Drop device with Wireless Connection

Drone accessory company FLiFLi has recently launched world’s first Drone Drop device with Wireless Connection. It is easier to install, follows a handy 1-touch operation and can be controlled with a handy remote.

New York, NY – 2017 – No more struggles with the tangled Drone drop system wires! Innovative drone accessory company has recently launched world’s first Drone Drop device with Wireless Connection that Drone Players have been looking for so long. Entitled as FLiFLi AirDrop Release and Drop Device, the portable wonder is compatible to both DJI Phantom 3 Standard and 4 Series. 

“We are thrilled to announce the recent launch of our new-generation FLiFLi AirDrop Release and Drop Device on Amazon. It’s the first ever wirefree Drone Drop Accessory that makes the whole drone experience more fulfilling and user friendly. We know that the wired drone drop devices are always a mess with their complicated chords. We also know that you have been looking for a more convenient wirefree alternative for quite some time now. Thus, we are here with the world’s first wireless remote controlled drone drop device that will transcend your drone journey to another level”, stated Billy Park, the leading spokesperson from FLiFLi.

One of the coolest bits about the device is that it can be launched with a remote control which is not viable with the other regular drone drop accessories in the market. Also unlike its existing counterparts, the FLiFLi product is a breeze to install. It follows a one-touch operation where just a single push of button is enough to control and release the drop.

“We have taken to widespread LoRa wireless connection that assure kilometer-wide wirefree coverage and extremely stable connection in between the main device & the remote. You will enjoy a broad ranged operation up till .6 mile with just 1-time synchronization. There is no need to look for data connection as it is the case with the regular drone drop devices. Moreover, our product features a compact design and is very light to handle and carry” Billy added in.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/9FUthgCsKS0 

According to him,  the new FLiFLi device would render a new direction to the existing Drone Fishing Industry.  No longer would the anglers need to go for boat fishing as now they can just drop the baits from the sky with a handy remote and that too without the puzzling wires. It all started with the company CEO going out for fishing from beach one fine day. While fishing it suddenly struck him that how cool it would have been had he been able to drop the baits from the sky. He wanted something that would save him the hassles of boat fishing and he immediately got to work and thus FLiFLi AirDrop Release and Drop Device was born.

But wireless drone fishing is not the only thing that you can do with the new wireless drone drop system. 

“Our system can be used for unlimited activities. You can use it to deliver a cargo and otherwise it’s also cool to have fun with friends and kids.”

To get your grab of FLiFLi AirDrop Release and Drop Device, visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MR1YHP6 (FAD-1000ST) or https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0719J45YT (FAD-1000AT).

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