Powerful Documentary Aiming to Secure Fundraising and Bring the World an Incredible Story

WESTFIELD, INDIANA – 27 Jun, 2017 – One incredible rescue mission is often forgotten about when we think about some of the most heroic moments in our history. Trent LaLand, author of Night Mission to Mogadishu, aims to change that. His documentary is based on the real events of Operation Eastern Exit and final funding is being sought as the piece nears completion.

If you have never heard of Operation Eastern Exit, you aren’t alone. The incredible story of heroism in the face of chaos and uncertainty is often lost simply because it occurred in the immediate lead up to Operation Desert Storm, which kicked off the first Gulf War in Iraq. With all eyes on Iraq and Kuwait; the Somali government was collapsing under the weight of a bloody civil war. Armed groups patrolled the streets of Somalia, often killing people on sight. The U.S. Embassy became a temporary home for many diplomatic representatives, their families, and their staff representing over 30 countries.

However, time was working against them as the situation in Somalia continued to deteriorate. U.S. Ambassador to Somalia, James Bishop, called the Pentagon and requested rescue for the people trapped inside the embassy. He believed it was only a matter of time before they became the next victims of the bloodshed in Somalia. A force of 51 Marines and 9 Navy Seals from Seal Team 8 were dispatched from the U.S.S. Trenton and the U.S.S. Guam to carry out the rescue mission, Operation Eastern Exit. One of the members of that team was Trent LaLand.

LaLand brings his unique insight to this documentary and aims to tell the story of the incredible, forgotten rescue mission from multiple angles. He wants to show the incredible bravery the men and women of the armed forces show in the face of unimaginable hardship as well as the dangers faced by diplomats, their staff, and their families when working overseas. This story has become especially relevant in recent years with siege of the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya where Ambassador Chris Stevens as well as 3 other Americans were killed.

If you wish to help support the telling of this unbelievable story, please contact Trent LaLand. The trailer for the documentary can be seen at: https://youtu.be/-ePnzefrZ9U


Trent LaLand is a former U.S. Marine who authored Night Mission to Mogadishu. He brings his first-hand experience to this documentary in order to give viewers an awe-inspiring look into the incredible rescue mission, Operation Eastern Exit.

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